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Friday Factoid: Steelers Bye Week edition

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The Steelers have a bye week, alas and alack! BTSC takes a look at a few bye-week related facts.

One bye week fact is certain: Sunday will be a lot less interesting without a Steelers game to watch. While bye weeks can be momentum killers, they can also provide players extra time to recuperate and coaches extra time to strategize. Here are a few facts to consider as you come to terms with the sad reality that there is no Steelers football in Week 11.

  • The Steelers are 6-4
  • The Steelers defense is currently 5th in the NFL against the run and 5th in points allowed
  • The Steelers have the fourth most sacks in the league at 28, behind only Denver, New England, and St. Louis
  • The Steelers lead the league in two-point conversions, having made five of seven attempts (71.4%)
  • During the Mike Tomlin Era, the Steelers have won six games after their bye week and lost two.
  • When the game after the bye week is away, the Steelers have only lost once.

Breakdown of Steelers bye week stats by year (in the Tomlin era)

2007- 10-6

Before bye week- 4-1

After bye week- 4-2

Bye Week in Week 6.

Week 7- Loss to the Denver Broncos (away)

2008- 12-4

Before bye week- 4-1

After bye week- 5-1

Bye Week in Week 6.

Week 7- Win against the Cincinnati Bengals (away)

2009- 9-7

Before bye week- 5-2

After bye week- 6-2

Bye Week in Week 8

Week 8- Win against the Denver Broncos (away)

2010- 12-4

Before bye week- 3-1

After bye week- 4-1

Bye Week in Week 5

Week 6- Win against the Cleveland Browns (home)

2011- 12-4

Before bye week- 7-3

After by week- 8-3

Bye Week in Week 11

Week 12- Win against the Kansas City Chiefs (away)

2012- 8-8

Before bye week- 1-2

After bye week- 2-2

Bye Week in Week 4

Week 5- Win against the Philadelphia Eagles (home)

2013- 8-8

Before bye week- 0-4

After bye week- 1-4

Bye Week in Week 5

Week 6- Win against the New York Jets (away)

2014- 11-5

Before bye week- 7-4

After bye week- 7-5

Bye Week in Week 12

Week 13- Loss to the New Orleans Saints (home)