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Throwback Thursday: The day Phil Luckett ruined the Steelers, and my, Thanksgiving in 1998

The Pittsburgh Steelers are not regulars to play on Thanksgiving day, but in 1998 when they played the Detroit Lions, one Mr. Phil Luckett ruined the holiday for this BTSC editor.

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

What else can be discussed on this Thanksgiving Thursday when talking about a Pittsburgh Steelers 'Throwback Thursday'? Did you really think I would talk about Jacoby Jones and Mike Tomlin on the sidelines? No. Rather, I'm going to throw it back to 1998 when Phil Luckett ruined my family's Thanksgiving.

For those readers who might not have been around, or able to remember this game, in 1998, it was an early game on Thanksgiving day. The Steelers traveled to Detroit to ironically face Charlie Batch and Barry Sanders in the motor city. With all of Steelers Nation watching, the game was sent into overtime which ignited the most controversial coin flip in NFL history. Text doesn't do it justice, take a look for yourself:

The Steelers lost the game in the strangest way, and it was a crushing blow. Before I go any further, it should be noted that growing up in my house, when the Steelers were on TV, you were watching. When they were on TV during a holiday, it was a family affair. I still remember over 15 of the family's men huddled in our basement, absolutely dumbfounded by what transpired.

In '98 I was a freshman in High School, and I can still recall being called upstairs by the women of the family for the big feast, and as the men performed a somber progression upstairs the question was asked by my mother, "Well, did they win?!" I can still hear my father's response, "What do YOU think?!"

Let's just say it was the quietest Thanksgiving Day dinner I can remember, and I can say the game truly ruined the holiday. Some might call that silly, but we are passionate fans in the Hartman house. This game, due to being an early game, was much more difficult to swallow than the 2013 loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Thursday Night Football, as most of the family was either passed out or too intoxicated to even remember the dropped two-point conversion by Emmanuel Sanders.

Well, enough depressing talk, time to sit back and enjoy another slate of nothing but NFC games on Thanksgiving, and I speak for the entire BTSC staff when I say to you and yours "Happy Thanksgiving" and HERE WE GO STEELERS!