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AFC North Recap: Week 9 edition

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See where the updated AFC North standing after Week 9 of NFL action is officially in the books.

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Week 9 of NFL action is officially in the books for the AFC North. After the latest weekend of action concluded, the standings within the division haven't changed, but the separation between some of the teams in the division have become significant. If you missed some time, let us get you caught up.

Cincinnati Bengals 31, Cleveland Browns 10

It was an AFC North battle on Thursday Night Football in Cincinnati, and the Bengals took advantage of Johnny Manziel's short comings as the Bengals dominated the second half. With a 14-10 Bengals' lead at halftime, Andy Dalton threw 3 touchdowns to Tyler Eifert while the Bengals defense didn't allow a point in the second half of the game. The Browns' offense stalled as Manziel was harassed by the Cincinnati pass rush the entire game.

The Browns travel to Heinz Field to play the Steelers in Week 10, while the Bengals host the Houston Texans on Monday Night Football.

Pittsburgh Steelers 38, Oakland Raiders 31

In a game the Steelers had to have to stay relevant in the AFC Playoff picture, they were able to gut out a win as they watched their franchise quarterback go down with a left leg injury for the second time this season. This injury was to Ben Roethlisberger's foot, and will knock the quarterback out of action for a few weeks before he is able to return. Following the Steelers' Week 10 game against the Browns at Heinz Field, the team has their bye week before heading to the Pacific Northwest to play the Seattle Seahawks.

The Steelers host the Browns in Week 10 as Landry Jones will try to give Pittsburgh their 6th victory of the 2015 season.

Baltimore Ravens (Bye Week)

The Ravens, coming off just their second win of the season, will host the Jacksonville Jaguars at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, MD.

AFC North Standings after Week 9:

Bengals: 8-0
Steelers: 5-4
Ravens: 2-6
Browns: 2-7