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Unsung Heroes for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Week 15 win over the Denver Broncos

Every week there are players who typically don't get the credit they rightfully deserve. We give them their credit with our weekly Unsung Heroes article following another Steelers victory.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Every game there are players who play a solid game, and despite their efforts might get overlooked due to the accolades given to certain players. You won't find Ben Roethlisberger or Antonio Brown in this article, they get enough publicity as it is. This article is designed to highlight some players, units or coaches who deserve the recognition after a hard fought victory.

Here are the Steelers' 'Unsung Heroes' after their Week 15 win over the Denver Broncos.

Mike Mitchell - From the fans' No. 1 enemy in 2014, to a near irreplaceable member of the defense in 2015, Mitchell has more than brought turnovers to the table this season, he has brought the pain. Such a saying, in terms of Mitchell, can be both figurative and literal as he has had his share of big hits and collisions this season. The kind which force wide receivers to think twice about going over the middle - hello, Vernon Davis at Heinz Field Sunday. Mitchell has brought a swagger back to the Pittsburgh defense. Like him or not, you can't take away how he has changed the defense in his second year in the system.

Chris Boswell - It seems the 'Wizard of Boz' is a regular in this article, but when was the last time there was a placekicker for the Steelers who, when lined up for a kick, made you think "this is good"? Jeff Reed was probably the last, and that was nearly a decade ago. Boswell doesn't blink when facing adversity, and has a big leg to go with his cool and calm demeanor. In a game where a missed extra point by Broncos kicker Brandon McManus loomed large, the Steelers have little doubt in Boswell to come through in the clutch.

Offensive Line - The Denver Broncos brought the house with regularity in Week 15, and despite allowing 3 sacks for 26 yards and a few holding penalties, they allowed Roethlisberger enough time and space to rack up 380 yards passing and 3 touchdowns. The Broncos weren't going to let Roethlisberger beat them outside the pocket, and they kept him coned in, but the pocket was clean more often than not for Big Ben. Kudos to Mike Munchak and the hosses in the trenches for doing the dirty work and getting the job done against the league's top defense.

Martavis Bryant - When people think of Martavis Bryant, they think of touchdowns. After all, the second year player has done nothing but since he entered the league in 2014. What no one thinks of when thinking of Bryant is a possession receiver. However, after the game Sunday, Bryant took a huge step in becoming a more complete receiver. His 10 catches for 87 yards wasn't dazzling, but it was great to see. His normal stat line of 4 catches for 120 yards and a touchdown is great, but when 60 of those yards come on one play you have visions of Mike "one trick pony" Wallace. Bryant is proving he is more complete than that. His routes are more precise, his relationship with Roethlisberger continues to blossom and his strength at the point of attack is phenomenal. Add these characteristics to one of the best deep threats in the game and you have yourself the making of a very special and dynamic wide receiver.

Lawrence Timmons - Then there is Timmons. The "Law Dog" doesn't necessarily make the splash plays people look for in the game, but he goes out every game and is typically leading the team in tackles. He tied against the Broncos with 6 total tackles, 4 solo, and added a sack, a tackle for a loss and a sack. Just another day at the office for the "Law Dog".