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Film Room: NFL's Biggest hits of Week 12

We take a look at last week's biggest hits around the league!

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Our winner last week which joined our 2015 Hit Squad was Thomas Rawls with his trucking he unleashed upon the San Francisco 49ers. He joins DeAngelo Williams and Will Hill III as our 2015 winners so far.

While last week we saw more offensive hits being highlighted with our gifs, this week we flipped back to the defense bringing the pain. Enjoy and be sure to vote below!

Jurrell Casey vs. Oakland Raiders

The Raiders were trying a desparate play to score before the end of the first half against the Tennessee Titans that ultimate ended up losing yards despite how far their receivers advanced down the field at one point during this play. During the play Jurrell Casey, a big bad man in the NFL, hunted down the ball carrier and made sure that he had to pitch the ball if he wanted the play to continue, the hit was monstrous.

Josh Keyes vs. Indianapolis Colts

Though the Tampa Bay Buccaneers suffered a big loss against the Colts, Josh Keyes delivered a big tone-setting hit on this kick return.

Nigel Bradham vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Bradham had a great angle to shut a quick swing pass to the running back for a loss and he made sure to shut the play down with a solid hit, wrap and trash-talking after he finished the play.