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Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Greatest Plays Bracket: Round 1 - Santonio Holmes' Super Bowl TD catch vs. Willie Parker's 75-yard run

In honor of March Madness, we at BTSC have put together a list of the top 16 plays in Steelers history and ranked them. We need your help voting to see which play will eventually be crowned 'Greatest Play in Steelers History'.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the first edition of the Pittsburgh Steelers All-Time Greatest Plays Bracket. In honor of March Madness, we at BTSC have decided to select, what we thought, the top 16 Steelers plays of all-time. Once we made the selections, we ranked them in order of importance.

Yesterday, we saw James Harrison's Super Bowl 43 INT beat out Ryan Clark's AFC title game hit on Willis McGahee in 2008. Harrison's INT won easily with 96-percent of the vote going to one of the most amazing plays in Super Bowl history. So far, we have seen the Immaculate Reception and Harrison's interception move on to the second round; however, the matchups only get more difficult as the bracket continues to unfold.

Today's matchup are both key plays in Super Bowl victories for the Steelers in the last decade. The No. 3 seeded Santonio Holmes catch in Super Bowl 43, and No. 14 seeded Willie Parker's NFL record 75-yard run in Super Bowl 40. Take a look and place your vote!

3. Santonio Holmes' magical catch in Super Bowl 43

When it mattered most, Santonio Holmes made one of the greatest catches in Super Bowl history. Holmes was a mad man on the 92-yard drive to give the Steelers the lead, and capped it off in dramatic style with his amazing toe-tapping reception in the back corner of the end zone. Forget about the play before where a much easier catch sailed through his hands...all you need to remember is this:

14. Willie Parker's NFL record 75-yard touchdown run in Super Bowl 40

Willie Parker might not be the most notable Steelers running back in history, but he will forever hold a piece of history as his 75-yard run is still the longest Super Bowl run in the history of the game. Parker's run helped open the door for the Steelers to eventually win Super Bowl 40 and was a play which most Steelers fans recall as the play (34 counter pike) was run to perfection. Need more proof? Just watch and enjoy.

Two Super Bowl touchdowns, two big plays on the biggest stage. One was essentially a game-winner, while the other helped pave the way for the fabled "one for the thumb". Two plays with incredible significance to the Steelers franchise, but you can only pick one.

Tomorrow's bracket will have a showdown between John Stallworth's amazing catch in Super Bowl 14 and Troy Polamalu's fingertip interception against the San Diego Chargers in the 2008 divisional round.

We hope you continue to enjoy the Sweet 16 bracket - Steelers style.