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Throwback Thursday: Greg Lloyd and Kevin Greene talk Cowboys, heart of '95 Steelers

Linebackers Greg Lloyd and Kevin Greene were the heart of the 1995 AFC Champion Steelers defense. They were also friends who gave a spirited and insightful interview with Mike Ditka prior to Super bowl XXX.

RVR Photos-USA TODAY Sports

"You can't measure a man's heart."

This quote was just one of the many quote-worthy moments during Kevin Greene and Greg Lloyd's Super Bowl XXX pre-game interview with NBC's Mike Ditka back on January 28, 1996.

The interview, which began at about the six-minute mark of the video posted below, gave the fans at home insight to what that 1995 Steelers team was about. Despite winning 12 games the year before and winning the AFC title in '95, the Steelers were looked at as heavy underdogs against the big, bad Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. Players like Greene and Lloyd relished this fact, and it fueled their efforts in that Super Bowl in Tempe, Arizona. The Steelers defense abused Emmitt Smith and the Cowboys' vaunted rushing attack, allowing just 56 yards, the fewest amount of rushing yards gained by a winning Super Bowl team.

They also harassed Hall-of-Fame quarterback Troy Aikman, sacking him twice and holding him under 200 net yards passing. In all, Greene, Lloyd and the second version of the Steel Curtain defense held the Cowboys offense to just 254 total yards.

While the interview captured the intensity and mindset of that team, it also showed the lighthearted, close camaraderie that existed on those mid to late 90's Steelers teams. This era of teams were the last to play together for a long string of time before free agency began pulling away the fabric that made teams so strong in terms of depth and chemistry. While they had only been teammates for three years, it was evident that Greene and Lloyd were close, and it was that bond that helped make those defenses so dominant. It also made those teams incredibly fun to watch, as Greene, Lloyd, and many others Steelers' emotions would be released in the form of fist pumps and head slaps after big plays.

It was a fun time to be a Steelers fan, and Greene and Lloyd were a big reason why.