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Become the Pittsburgh Steelers GM on Draft Day

As many continue to speculate who the Pittsburgh Steelers will select with their first round pick, it is time for you, the loyal BTSC reader, to put on your GM hat and make the selections yourself.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It is easy for anyone to sit behind a keyboard, including myself, and talk about how the Pittsburgh Steelers should draft this position, not that position or this player, but certainly not that player. It is a different scenario if the draft is going and you are the one who has to pull the trigger.

This is where the great people at come in. They have created an awesome draft day simulator which puts you in the driver seat as the Steelers' GM making the calls on draft day.

So what does this website have to do with BTSC? Simple. We want you, the die hard fan and loyal BTSC reader, to go to and be the Steelers GM for a 7-round mock draft. It doesn't take long at all, and gives you the chance to see who you would pick if the bullets of draft day are actually flying.

After you run your mock draft, post your results in the comments below. You have a choice on which Big Board you can choose from, and to keep this uniform, make your first mock draft using the CBS Sports big board.

So, what now? Go to's On the Clock Simulator, make your picks, and see how you do as the Pittsburgh Steelers' GM and post your 7-round mock draft results below in the comments section. It might just happen the prized cornerback you think will drop to the Steelers at No. 22 might be off the board. Better plan accordingly!