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Pittsburgh Steelers News: Key stories you may have missed

Whether you don't have time to read all the recent news, or want to relive all the great stories without having to look over the whole article, or are like a baby bird and prefer your news premasticated, this post is for you.

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Martavis Bryant Excited to Show off "New Tricks" in 2015 by Jeff Hartman

Martavis Bryant is coming off a break-out season and is ready to exceed expectations. Bryant told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, "Everyone gets bigger and better every year. I wanted to make sure I got better." Man's been working hard, and put on around ten pounds of muscle so far this offseason after working out with fitness guru Jay Glazer. How many yards will he get?  Some are predicting he'll rack up over 1,000 yards.

Steelers Hit hard by Key Player Departures in the Offseason, according to ESPN by Dani Bostick

So, ESPN came up with a new statistic to report on-- net loss of offensive and defensive snaps. I asked "Is this a personnel emergency?" since the Steelers had the fourth greatest loss of snaps in the offseason. My conclusion was "nope." Between talented rookies and former backups, competent coaching staff, and a knack for player development, the Steelers will be fine. The 49ers are finding themselves in a real predicament with the loss of too many players to list for this brief recap. Insider Ranks Steelers QB Ben Roethlisbergers' Contract 3rd among Veteran QBs by Jeff Hartman

ESPN comes through with some more rankings to keep fans busy in this long offseason. Roethlisberger's contract was considered a good value since, according to ESPN, he is "the driving force behind the Steelers' success." His contract was ranked third after Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

Pittsburgh Steelers Ultimate Goal on Offense Should be Balance by Jeff Hartman

The Steelers have many offensive weapons in their arsenal,, and as Jeff pointed out, there is only one football. Hartman's definition of balance extends beyond run vs pass and covers diversity in terms of types of plays (downfield plays vs the lateral screen) and performance in the red zone.

Steelers Cancel Monday's On-Field OTA, will resume Offseason Schedule Tuesday by Jeff Hartman

Pretty self-explanatory and no salacious news behind this tidbit. Simply put, the guys had the day off from organized activities, which doesn't preclude some disorganized activities like a team-building day. Minicamp coming up 16-18 June.

An Early Look at the Steelers Wks 1-5 Opponents by Dani Bostick

Patriots, 49ers, Rams, Ravens, and Chargers: All of these teams are facing turnovers in terms of on-field talent, and a few like the 49ers, Rams, and Ravens are experiencing significant changes in coaching staff as well. Of all of these teams, the 49ers are in the most desperate shape, while the Rams D-line is terrifyingly strong (thankfully for the Steelers, they struggle on the other side of the ball). Trestman is on board with the Ravens as OC, and the Chargers are having some off-field drama and controversy related to a possible move to LA.

Interview with Charlie Batch: Part Three by Dani Bostick

Check out former Steelers QB's accounts on key moments in his career along with perspective on Tomlin, Cowher, and the future of the organization.

Steelers News; 5 things you might have missed from last week by Dani Bostick.

I have to draw the line here. If you need a recap of a recap, well, I try not to be judgmental, but I will not participate in that level of regurgitation. Prechewing is as far as I'll go. If you're up for a full-length recap, go ahead and click the link.