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Friday Night five questions & special podcast on The Snake vs the Steelers

In light of the recent passing of NFL legend Ken Stabler, this week's top-five includes five questions and a special podcast dedicated to The Snake and the greatest rivalry in NFL history.

Tonight, the BTSC community pays homage to the greatest rivalry in NFL history.

With the passing Thursday of former Raiders quarterback Ken Stabler, it's a perfect time to reflect on "The Snake" and his contributions to the epic rivalry between Oakland and the Steelers.

Just as The Snake often did against the Steelers, we at BTSC decided to improvise a bit and include a special podcast into this Friday Night Five open thread that discusses and answers the following questions. As always, be sure to mention your drink of choice tonight and, if the service was good, feel free to leave in the tip jar a 12 percent tip in honor of "The Snake", Kenny Stabler. Have a great Friday, everyone.

  • What was your favorite memory of the 70's rivalry between the Raiders and Steelers?
  • Where does the Steelers rivalry with the Raiders rank among the Steelers greatest moments in the 1970s?
  • Where should Stabler rank among the great quarterbacks of that era?
  • Do you think "The Snake" should be in the Hall of Fame? Please elaborate on your answer.
  • Rank the top-3 greatest Steelers rivalries in the post 70's era.

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