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Pittsburgh Steelers news: 10 must-reads you might have missed from July 6-12

Here's a list of links and a brief summary of BTSC articles from the past week you might have missed or want to enjoy again.

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From the week of July 6

BTSC ran two player profiles this week based on one-on-one interviews:

1 on 1 with Steelers UDFA DE Niko Davis Meet Niko Davis, your new favorite player.

1 on 1 with ex-Steeler and builder John Malecki Remember John Malecki the offensive lineman from outside of Pittsburgh? Find out what he is up to now.

Also check out these articles from the past 7 days:

Troy Polamalu: Master photobomber Ike Taylor tied the knot and Troy Polamalu did a masterful job magicking himself into the picture.

5 questions about the final 53 Who will make the final roster? What questions are swirling around in fans' minds right now?

How do you stop the Steelers offense? Good luck. How good is the Steelers offense? According to, it is one of the best in the league.

Throwback Thursday: Remembering fast Willie Parker Parker had a short career, but, man, was it productive. Take a trip down memory lane as BTSC recalls Parker's contribution to the Steelers.

Deebo calls out ESPN's Schefter over Twitter photo Release a photo of confidential medical records, incur the wrath of James Harrison. What did he say about Schefter's decision to tweet out Jason Pierre-Paul's medical report?

Join BTSC in wishing the Steelers a Happy Birthday The Steelers celebrated a birthday on July 8!

32 scenarios in 32 days: Steelers sweep the AFC North Will the Steelers sweep their division? Read why they might, and why they might not in this installment of BTSC's 32 scenarios in 32 days. ranks 32 NFL QBs, Big Ben ranked 5th Find out who was ranked ahead of Roethlisberger and who fell behind him on's list of top quarterbacks.