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The number of Pro Bowlers the Steelers drafted in the past decade proves success is found as a team listed the Top 10 teams with the most Pro Bowlers drafted in the past decade, and although the Steelers are on the list, it becomes clear success in the NFL is not based around individuals.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

"Football is the ultimate team sport."

Such a saying has been told to football players young and old across the United States every Fall. However, the saying very well could be considered to be the ultimate truth.

When released their top 10 NFL teams in terms of Pro Bowl players drafted in the past decade, it became strikingly clear how drafting great individual players doesn't always equate to great team success. The Pittsburgh Steelers found themselves on the list, a tie for 10th place with 8 Pro Bowlers drafted in the past 10 years.

See what had to say about the Steelers making the top 10:

10 (tie). Pittsburgh Steelers -- 8

Pro Bowl players drafted: Le'Veon Bell (2013), Maurkice Pouncey (2010), Emmanuel Sanders (2010), Antonio Brown (2010), Mike Wallace (2009), Lawrence Timmons (2007), LaMarr Woodley (2007), Heath Miller (2005).

The skinny: The Steelers already boast one of the league's most prolific offenses -- thanks in part to the emergence of Bell in the backfield. Imagine how potent the receiving corps currently would be if Sanders, Brown, Wallace and Miller were all on the team together.

The Steelers are a team who is known for their strong drafts, and not relying on free agency much to bolster their lineup. However, when looking at the complete list of teams it became obvious how there is no correlation between the number of Pro Bowlers drafted and the success of the team. Take a look at the top 10:

1. Dallas Cowboys - 13 players
2. San Francisco 49ers - 11 players
2. Kansas City Chiefs - 11 players
4. Houston Texans - 10 players
4. Seattle Seahawks - 10 players
6. Denver Broncos - 9 players
6. Green Bay Packers - 9 players
6. New Orleans Saints - 9 players
6. San Diego Chargers - 9 players
10. Chicago Bears - 8 players
10. Pittsburgh Steelers - 8 players
10. Cleveland Browns - 8 players
10. Minnesota Vikings - 8 players
10. New England Patriots - 8 players

Look at the list, which has more than 10 teams, and you will see some perennial winners, as well as teams still searching for any type of success. Of the 14 teams named on the list, only 6 of those teams made the postseason in 2014, and many have struggled for years despite their success in drafting Pro Bowlers.

Being able to select those players who will be honored to make the Pro Bowl at their individual position is great for the franchise, but it doesn't always equal success for the team. Look at the Cleveland Browns, they have drafted as many Pro Bowlers in the past 10 years as the Steelers and Patriots, but haven't seen near the success as the latter two teams.

Just as it is always said across the country when football season rolls around, "Football is the ultimate team sport."