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BTSC unveils Pittsburgh Steelers All-Modern Era Second Team

After revealed their All-Modern Era Steelers team, BTSC put together the best of the rest in their All-Modern Era Second Team.

For most NFL teams, this second unit would be their first.

Four days after's Bob Labriola revealed his Steelers All-Modern Era team, BTSC decided to crate a second team featuring the rest of the team's best players at each position since 1992. Like Labriola did with his list, this one also includes 22 starters on offense and defense along with four special teams standouts.

Steelers All-Modern Era Second Team

Offensive Line: John Jackson (1988-97), Justin Strzelczyk (1990-98), Jeff Hartings (2001-06), Kendall Simmons (2002-08), Kelvin Beachum (2012-Present)   Tight End: Eric Green (1990-94)

Quarterback: Kordell Stewart (1995-02)  Running Back: Willie Parker  (2004-08)   Fullback: Tim Lester (1995-98)

Wide Receivers: Santonio Holmes (2006-09), Yancey Thigpen (1992-97)

Defensive Line: Brett Keisel (2002-14), Joel Steed (1992-99), Kevin Henry (1993-2000)

Linebackers: Levon Kirkland (1992-00), Kevin Greene (1993-95), Jason Gildon (1994-03), LaMarr Woodley (2007-13)

Secondary: Darren Perry (1992-98), Ryan Clark (2006-13), Deshea Townsend (1998-09), Willie Williams (1993-96, 2004-05)

Specialists: Norm Johnson (1995-98), Will Blackwell (1997-01), Chris Gardocki (2004-06), Kendall Gammon (1992-95)

Best of the Rest: Running back Barry Foster (1990-94), linebacker Larry Foote (2002-08, 2010-13), tight end Mark Bruener (1995-03), fullback Dan Kreider (2000-08), safety Lee Flowers (1995-02), offensive linemen Will Wolford (1996-98) and wide receiver Plaxico Burress (2000-04, 2012-13)