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Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Spotlight: Cameron Flatt

Steelers Nation is comprised of some of the most fanatical, loyal fans in professional sports. Check out our newest feature: Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Spotlight.

Meet Steelers fan Cameron Flatt, also known as Steeltownkid08

Where are you from?

I'm from Pittsburgh originally, the Monroeville area but I live in Alliance, Ohio right now. My family moved here when I was a couple years old.

How long have you been a Steelers fan?
I was born into a die hard Steelers family. In my family, you have no other choice but to be a Pittsburgh sports fan and I'm glad that's the way it is. My grandfather and grandmother had season tickets and my pap, ( grandfather ) was at the immaculate reception game. My grandfather passed away a few years ago and he was literally the biggest Pittsburgh sports fan in the world in my opinion, so we had a Pittsburgh sports funeral. Almost everyone dressed up in ether Steelers, Pirates or Penguins gear. He was buried with his terrible towel and his Franco jersey on him and he wouldn't of had it any other day. It's a tradition in my family and it will be for my children if I ever have any and for their children as well. It's not just fandom in my family, it's literally like a religion.

What are your Steelers superstitions on game day?
Some of my superstitions are that I will always start off the season by wearing one players jersey. I'll wear that players jersey until we lose a game. Once we lose a game , that jersey is down for the rest of the year. And it's just a pattern. I only have 11 jerseys so I really hope we don't lose anymore then that anytime soon haha. But I have my spot on the floor that I always sit in because of my bad back, and I drink beer out of my Steelers mug. Once the game starts, not much else in life matters haha.

What is your all-time favorite game-day memory?

My favorite all time gameday memory would probably have to be Holmes Td catch at the end of Super Bowl43. I never screamed so loud and my entire family just went nuts and there was hugs and kisses goin' all around. But second would probably be in 2010 when we won the AFC and advanced to the Super Bowl and it was right after my pap passed away and I just cried nonstop for like 10-15 minutes after the championship game because I knew how happy he would've been. I really thought we were gonna win it all that year,just for pap. Unfortunately we lost that Super Bowl to Green Bay.

Have you met any Steelers? Whom and under what circumstances?
I met Levon Kirkland at the Hall of fame when I was probably 10 years old. I wish I still had the picture. His hands literally were bigger than probably any man's in the entire world. His thumb stretched down to my earlobe and his pinky was on my other. I go to training camp every year and I've gotten a few autographs there as well. I met Brett Kiesel yesterday for a minute or so and shook his hand. He's got massive hands as well and was a really nice guy. That's my mom;s favorite player though and she had to get a picture with him and unfortunately there wasn't enough time for me to get one. He's a nice guy though!

What do you love most about the Steelers?
What I love most about the Steelers is that no matter what part of the country / world you're in , there is a steelers bar in that area. Guaranteed! I know there are a lot of great fan bases out there but I can guarantee you they don't have a Raiders bar in Aruba like they do with their Steelers bar there. My family travels a lot and there's always a Steelers bar somewhere.  But it's just the passionate fans that come together as a familyon Sundays. There's nothing I look forward to more than just waking up on Sunday, and getting ready for the Steelers game with my family.

What opposing team do you hate the most?
I hate the Ravens by far the most out of any team and it's not even close. Even though I really do hate New England a lot as well. I just hate the attitude of their players.. it comes from their head coach I know haha. They always bring the best out of us and I respect them for that, but I sure do love some crow stew. Plus I hate when people compare Ed reed and Troy. Really irks me.

What is your favorite Steelers rivalry?
My favorite rivalry would have to be with Balitmore. I hate them so much and my week is so much better after we beat them, compared to any other team. Maybe the Browns compare because I live in ohio and it's about 50/50 with steelers and Browns fans here. But if I had to say, I would say Baltimore. It's always close, nail biting, Flacco choking and I miss Polamalu making the splash plays like in the AFC ;ship game a few years back and the night game in Baltimore with the strip of Flacco. It was a pleasure to watch Ray Lewis and Ed Reed for all those years and they were great but I still hate them haha. But gotta give respect to them.

Predictions for the upcoming season?
For the upcoming season, I know our schedule is tough but I'm thinking 11-5. Our defense worries me a little bit with so many new pieces and the lack of depth at certain areas. But I firmly believe we'll have a top 1-2 offense again this year and when Bell comes back, it should be like the 4th of July on offense. We may need to score at least 27-30 pts every game to win but a win is a win to me. Think we can win the division and hope to be Legit contenders within the conference. Health always plays a big factor though.
Favorite all-time Steelers players?
Favorite all time Steelers are Troy Polamalu and Joey Porter. Randle El is close as well. Just loved his energy and swagger for a little guy.


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