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Steelers Mailbag: Why the Hall of Fame Game should be put into perspective in terms of depth

The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't have a strong showing in their first game action of the 2015 preseason, but I answer why the Hall of Fame Game should be kept in perspective in the latest BTSC Mailbag.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Time for another edition of the BTSC Steelers Mailbag, where our loyal Twitter followers provide questions surrounding the team for me to answer. There were a lot of questions to choose from, and only the very best made the cut. Nonetheless, let's get things started...

From: Justin (@TheCarterIII_)

Question: Is Dorant Grant being at the back end of the depth chart significant at all? Considering he's a fourth round draft pick?

Answer: The depth chart at this stage in the preseason (especially with the Hall of Fame Game giving the team 5 preseason games) is pretty meaningless. Starters aren't seeing the field, and if they are it is for a few series. If you watched the way the team moved their personnel around during the game, they wanted to get a look at several players who could be considered "bubble players". Those players who are on the fringe of possibly making the team.

Doran Grant didn't play much in the Hall of Fame Game, and it wasn't necessarily a demotion. Nor is where he stands on the depth chart set in stone. Reports from camp have been Grant has been solid in training camp, but as many rookies have seen, it takes time to get adjusted to life in the NFL, especially for defensive backs. Grant will have ample opportunity to prove his worth, and don't be shocked to see him play a lot against the Jacksonville Jaguars as Kevin Fogg and B.W. Webb saw exclusive repetitions against the Vikings.

As was reported yesterday from camp, it is as if the Steelers' real training camp starts now. The Hall of Fame Game is a burden for just two teams and should be taken with a grain of salt.

From: Steelers Fiend

Question: Who would I draft first in my fantasy football draft? Le'Veon Bell or Antonio Brown?

Answer: Wow, talk about a tough question. A lot of the answer to this question depends on what type of league you are in. For instance, if you are in a keeper league the answer could be different compared to being in a standard year-by-year league. Also, if you are in a PPR (Points Per Reception) league the answer could be different also. However, if I were to be drafting in a standard league I would have to go with Le'Veon Bell over Antonio Brown.

This is literally like choosing which one of your kids is your favorite, and for me, it is near impossible. For every positive you have for one player you have a similar component of want for the other. To me, the choice of Bell over Brown comes to the simple answer of opportunity. Brown get a lot of targets, but isn't going to see nearly as many touches as Bell when it comes to frequency.

On top of touches, Bell is a versatile player who can get you plenty of points in both the running game and the receiving game.

From: Andrew Kipp (@andrew_kipp)

Question: Sean Spence and Ryan Shazier played together a few series vs. the Vikings. Coincidence? Or something we could see more of? A lot of speed there.

Answer: There is a chance you may see a combination of Spence and Shazier on the field at a specific time this season, but it ultimately won't happen with any frequency, barring injury. After all, for Spence to see the field with Shazier it would mean Pro Bowl ILB Lawrence Timmons wouldn't be on the field. In specific sub packages it could have these two playing alongside one another, but don't expect to see it very often. Timmons is just too good.

If Steelers Nation can rest easy at night knowing anything, it is the Steelers ILB depth is solid. Possibly the best in all the NFL.

From: Brian Arnett (@Brian_Arnett)

Question: Do you think it is time the team parts ways with Landry Jones?

Answer: Of course I can't get through a mailbag segment without the Landry Jones question. Jones wasn't horrendous in the Hall of Fame Game, but also wasn't stellar either. Here is the deal with Landry Jones, people are stressing over his production and his play, but the reality is if Jones is to make the 53-man roster and is going to see the field in a meaningful game the Steelers would be in trouble for many reasons. Don't spend too much time on Jones unless he makes the roster and a quality player is let go because of it. With that said, he has improved. Not as fast as many would hope, but he has improved.

From: John C. Eustice (@J_C_Steel)

Question: Wouldn't it have made more sense for the team to bring in another UDFA kicker with a big leg to compete for the Steelers' place kicking vacancy?

Answer: Garrett Hartley has a pretty big leg in terms of power. His long field goal is 55 yards, but he has what those UDFA kickers don't have: experience. Also, not just experience but big game experience. Hartley is the best of what's around right now, but I wouldn't close the door on the team bringing in another kicker who might be cut by another organization when all is said and done. However, it is his job to lose right now.

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