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Steelers Mailbag: Will Todd Haley be considered for head coaching vacancies in 2016?

The Steelers faithful are itching to watch the team hit someone who isn't going to be a teammate come September, and with that comes some questions. Time to dig into the mailbag and answer your burning questions on the team.

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It is that time of the week, where I dig into the BTSC Pittsburgh Steelers mailbag and answer a few of the questions asked surrounding the team. Plenty to choose from, but as always, only the best make the cut. If you want to have your question answered, it is simple: Follow us on Twitter (@btsteelcurtain) and send us your question. I compile the questions and choose the best for the article. Let's get started...

From: J. Rose (@SteelRose75)

Question: Why all the nonsense on Twitter about Haley leaving for a head coaching job after 2015?!

Answer: The nonsense on Twitter stems from Haley's past as well as his current success with the Steelers. You have an offensive coordinator who has experience as a head coach, and has turned several offenses into well-oiled machines in his time as a coordinator. The NFL is always in desperate need of head coaches, but for Haley I'm sure the job would have to be ideal for him to leave the Steelers.

The humorous aspect of all this is how fast the fan base has done a complete 180-degree turn in regards to their attitude towards Haley. There are still Haley-haters out there, but for the most part the fan base has come to terms with Haley and what he is doing with the offense. The proof is in the pudding, and the better the offense is, the more talks you'll hear about Haley being a potential candidate for any coaching vacancies after 2015.

From: Randall C. (@Randall_Trill)

Question: What do you think about how our secondary is going to be this year?

Answer: The secondary will certainly be a focus for the 2015 season, but people should remember there are more factors with the secondary than simply yards allowed through the air. If the pass rush can improve, it will help cover up some deficiencies in the back end. Also, the team's switch from man coverage to zone coverage is something worth watching this preseason. I know Brandon Boykin is just one player, but I feel a lot better about the team's secondary with his name on the depth chart than when he wasn't there. William Gay, Cortez Allen and Brandon Boykin with Antwon Blake sounds a heck of a lot better to me than Gay, Allen, Blake and any number of inexperienced players waiting in the wings. It won't always be pretty, but I think the Steelers' secondary could be better in 2015...could it get much worse?

From: Steelers France (@steelersfrance)

Question: I'm now worried about the depth at safety. Who's after Mike Mitchell, Shamarko Thomas and Will Allen? Robert Golden more of a special teamer?

Answer: Well, according to the team's first depth chart, after the players you listed in your question you have Gerod Holliman and Ross Ventrone as the next up. Golden was the special teams captain in 2014, and hasn't seen the field much in regular 11-on-11 situations, but has seen more time this training camp due to injuries. The team will most likely only keep 4 safeties on the roster, and if so the four you named are certainly the front-runners to make the roster. Holliman could make a name for himself in the preseason, and the longer Ventrone's injury lingers the more difficult it will be to keep him around.

From: Heather (@SteelersGal86)

Question: With the addition of Brandon Boykin, do you think they keep 6 CBs, or only 5, and if so who do you think gets cut?

Answer: I actually think the Steelers will keep 5 cornerbacks on their roster in 2015. William Gay, Cortez Allen, Brandon Boykin, Antwon Blake and Doran Grant. If Senquez Golson were healthy, I think they would lean towards keeping 6, but the news doesn't look good on his rookie season and his availability. With them keeping 5, it would result in players like B.W. Webb and Kevin Fogg being cut. Although Grant is a potential prospect for the team's practice squad, the team would have to worry about him being claimed off waivers by another NFL team. The decision could ultimately be decided by each individual's special teams play this preseason.

Thanks for the questions, and enjoy the Steelers game this Sunday...I'm sure there will be plenty of questions next week after the team has squared off against the Minnesota Vikings.