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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday night 5 Questions and open thread

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 0-1 and, after a deflating (pun intended) loss to the Patriots in New England, it's time to gather ourselves and talk out where the team goes from here.

Stew Milne-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the Pittsburgh Steelers returned to Pittsburgh 0-1, while the defending Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots get to enjoy a Sunday of NFL action knowing they're 1-0. Quite the difference after the opening game, but in a 16-game season in a league with a tremendous turnover rate, no one should be hitting the panic button...yet.

Steelers fans are a passionate and often spoiled bunch, and tonight might just be the best time to sit down and talk things out going into Sunday's Week 1 action.

You know the drill: state your beverage, answer the questions to the best of your ability and if you've enjoyed your service, please leave a tip in the jar on the counter.

Let's get started...

1. During the Steelers 28-21 loss to the Patriots, what was the one aspect of the game which stood out the most? This could be a positive or a negative.

2. The Steelers are now 0-1 and have two home games against the 49ers and Ravens, with a road game against the Rams in between the games at Heinz Field. At the conclusion of the first quarter of the season, what record would the Steelers need to have for you to feel comfortable about their chances at another post-season berth?

3. Keith Butler got to show off his defense for the first time on Thursday night. It wasn't always glorious, but there were some positives. List one or more positives you took away from the defensive performance against the Patriots.

4. The Steelers struggled in the red-zone again on Thursday night. If you were to give any suggestion to Todd Haley on a solution to the problem (bringing back suspended and/or injured players is not allowed), what would it be?

5. The Steelers now have to sit through a long weekend of NFL action licking their wounds. The team could use some rest after their first real game action of 2015 but, for fans, having to sit through a NFL Sunday without the Steelers can be painstaking. What do you do on an NFL Sunday without the Steelers? Do you watch the other teams, scout our upcoming opponents, or just avoid the TV altogether?

Have a great weekend folks! Go Steelers!