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The week in Pittsburgh Steelers social media

Some Steelers are very active on social media. See what was said, and done, this past week within the Pittsburgh Steelers organization.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Some Steelers are social media masterminds, on Twitter and Instagram all of the time, posting photos of their abs, hair, and workouts and comments about everything ranging from NFL football to TV shows. What were the Steelers up to on Twitter and Instagram this week? If you don't have social media accounts, or can't keep up, BTSC has you covered:

DeAngelo Williams is looking for a place to eat in St. Louis. Let's hope his nutritionist approves of his ultimate choice:

Talk about a team player:

And, if you don't know about DeAngelo Williams' off field passion, it is fighting cancer.

Arthur Moats was helping the community too:

Vince Williams is amazed by LSU's Fournette:

And, Williams reveals what Steelers jerseys he owns:

Meanwhile, Ramon Foster is cheering for Tennessee!

James Harrison wants some ideas for a rapper name:

What's my rapper name

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