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Pittsburgh Steelers Friday Night 5 questions and open thread

The preseason is over, and Tom Brady and the New England Patriots await in the regular season. Sit back, relax and let's talk this out...

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to the calm before the storm. It feels as if that saying is always used before every major event on the NFL calendar, but this weekend, at least for me, is certainly the last calm weekend for many weeks and months. The Pittsburgh Steelers regular season starts next week, and with the regular season around the corner, there is plenty to talk about.

As always, please announce your beverage this evening and answer the questions to the best of your ability in the comment section below. Let's get this party started right...

1. The Steelers defense has been poor all preseason. Many are claiming a lack of starters, some scheme and some pure talent as a reason for the teams' struggles. Do you think the defense will perform well in 2015, or will be it be more of the same song and dance we've seen throughout the preseason?

2. Tom Brady will be in the lineup Thursday night. What about Brady scares you the most (ex. - The weapons at his disposal, pre-snap reads, etc.) when it comes to the matchup in Foxborough.

3. Outline the scenario, in your opinion, which would need to take place for the Steelers to beat the defending champions on Thursday night.

4. If you are Mike Tomlin, what are the snap percentages for the following OLB tandems: James Harrison and Jarvis Jones, and Arthur Moats and Bud Dupree (ex. - Jones 60% to Harrison 40% at ROLB)

5. While in the gym this morning working out, I noticed in the gym's cardio cinema the movie 'Rudy' was playing. I didn't have time to watch, but have seen it a million times. In your opinion, what is the best football movie of all time? Rudy? Remember the Titans? Friday Night Lights? Varsity Blues? Another movie which isn't listed?

Enjoy your evening folks...the content for the upcoming game against the Patriots starts being rolled out Saturday. Be sure to stay tuned to BTSC for updates on the players who have been cut/released as well as previews for the Patriots game.