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NFL Expert Picks: Who the experts are taking in the AFC and NFC Championship games

Championship weekend is upon is, and see who the experts are taking in the final games before Super Bowl 50 is decided.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Most fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers would rather gouge their eyes out than watch football after their favorite team was eliminated in dramatic fashion in the divisional round of the AFC Playoffs. Nonetheless, with championship weekend upon us it is time to see who the experts like in the AFC and NFC Championship games.

The AFC Championship game will be the first game on the ticket, and will have the Denver Broncos hosting the New England Patriots in yet another Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady contest. At ESPN, it is a very pro-Patriots expert panel. Of the 13 experts who make predictions, only 2 think the Broncos will be victorious and give Manning a chance to ride off into the sunset after a Super Bowl win.

At FOXSports, they are much more Broncos friendly, with 3 of the 7 experts thinking the Broncos will hold serve at home. At CBSSports, the is only one expert, Pete Prisco, who thinks the Broncos stand a chance. Here at SB Nation, they are favoring the Patriots to win on the road and punch their ticket to the Super Bowl -- again.

On the NFC side, the Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals NFC Championship game has the makings of an amazing game, and the experts are pretty torn on this contest. At both FOXSports and CBSSports, the experts are favoring the Panthers, barely. ESPN's experts might be favoring the Panthers more than anyone else, with only 3 experts thinking they can make the cross country journey to beat the Panthers at home. SB Nation's experts see the Panthers punching their ticket to Super Bowl 50 as well.

Regardless of who you think will win, the experts clearly see a rematch of Super Bowl 2004 with the Patriots and Panthers doing battle for the ultimate prize in the NFL.