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Rival Roundup: The Bengals have 7 players in the Pro Bowl, and Adam Jones is at it again

The Cincinnati Bengals are well represented in the Pro Bowl, the Baltimore Ravens talk Lardarius Webb's future and the Browns are...well...the Browns.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

In a new feature to BTSC, we bring you the 'Rival Roundup'. In this feature we will bring you some news surrounding fellow AFC North teams from our fellow SB Nation blogs. This will be a regular feature on the site, and a great way to see what the competition is doing within the division.

Everyone says the Cincinnati Bengals have the best roster in the NFL, and the number of players they have in the Pro Bowl would certainly echo such a sentiment. The Bengals have a whopping 7 players at the annual All-Star game, but it is one in particular which caught Cincy Jungle's eye.

Yes, of course, it is involving Adam Jones.

After a Week 1 issue with Oakland Raiders rookie WR Amari Cooper, where Jones pushed the receivers head into the ground, the two have supposedly built a bridge and gotten over the incident as the two were very chummy with each other in Hawaii.

Adam Jones is always good for a sound byte, and here is to hoping the NFL Network crews have him mic'd up for sound throughout the festivities.

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