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AFC North Standings: Steelers sit alone at the top of the division rankings after Week 5

After Week 5, there has been more juggling in the AFC North division. We take a look at the Week 5 results, and who is now leading the division heading into Week 6.

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Week 5 is over, for teams in the AFC North, and there has been more juggling atop the division for the second straight week. It is time to take a look at the results of Week 5 within the AFC North division, update the standings, and see the Week 6 opponents for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens, Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals.

Week 5 AFC North Results:

New England Patriots - 33
Cleveland Browns - 13

No one thought the Browns would win this game. Not with Tom Brady making his return from his four game suspension, but the Browns quarterback position is in trouble. The Browns quarterback situation is an ongoing joke around the NFL, but this is truly a MASH unit. Robert Griffin III goes down, Luke McCown goes down, Cody Kessler was injured Sunday and even Charlie Whitehurst was injured against the Patriots in Week 5. No wonder the Browns haven't won a game. The team is playing hard under Hue Jackson, but will they still be playing tough when things get even worse?

Washington Redskins - 16
Baltimore Ravens - 10

The Ravens' defense is good. Their offense is not. This game was a defensive grudge match, and came down to the final second. M&T Bank Stadium was going bonkers when it appeared Brashad Perriman scored the game-winning touchdown, but after review was overruled since he didn't get two feet into the end zone. Two plays later the Joe Flacco threw an incompletion to Mike Wallace to end the game. Talk about at a change of events. Either way, the Ravens have dropped back-to-back games and go on the road in Week 6.

Dallas Cowboys - 28
Cincinnati Bengals - 14

There was a chance the Cowboys could have been up 28-points in the first half. They steamrolled the Bengals in every facet of the game in the first half. The Bengals looked unprepared, out coached and out classed in Texas, and before the blink of an eye Dak Prescott led the Cowboys to yet another win. The Bengals have dropped 3 of their last 4 games and head to Foxborough in Week 6.

Pittsburgh Steelers - 31
New York Jets - 13

The first half was close, but the Steelers took a stranglehold on the game in the second half of the game en route to their 4th win of the 2016 campaign. Coming off back-to-back home wins, the team will take it's show on the road to South Beach next week in hopes of winning three in a row.

Week 5 AFC North Standings:

Pittsburgh Steelers - 4-1
Baltimore Ravens - 3-2
Cincinnati Bengals - 2-3
Cleveland Browns - 0-5

Week 6 AFC North opponents:

Pittsburgh Steelers at Miami Dolphins
Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans
Cincinnati Bengals at New England Patriots
Baltimore Ravvens at New York Giants