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2016 NFL League Leaders: Many Steelers among the NFL elite through five games

The Pittsburgh Steelers have several players who are vying for the top spot at their position in the league. We update the standings after 5 weeks of play.

Jason Bridge-USA TODAY Sports
Stats may be misleading. The one stat I'm mostly concerned with is "Wins and Losses". The 4-1 Steelers are tied for second in the league in that category. Contributing to that #2 ranking in W/L are way-more than the three players leading a stats category. It's a team game for sure, but when you boast the league leaders for TD Passes, Receptions and Yards-Per-Catch, that definitely leads towards team success. But another factor in that success is the low rankings in some categories. Chris Boswell is way down the line in most field goal categories. But that's a great thing too. Boswell's mere five field goals means that more touchdowns are being scored. So, seeing his ranking at 29 means vey little. Now, if his field goal % was low, there would be cause for concern. Nonetheless, here is where the Steelers rank among the top 50 in the league in each category.



Net Total Yards Per Game:
457.4 YPG-Leader: Atlanta
#5 Pittsburgh-386.2 YPG

Net Passing Yards Per Game:
334.2 YPG-Leader: Atlanta
#3 Pittsburgh-284.2 YPG

Net Rushing Yards Per Game:
155.2 YPG-Leader: Dallas
#14 Pittsburgh-102.0 YPG

Points Per Game:
35.0 PPG-Leader: Atlanta
#6 Pittsburgh-27.8 PPG


138-Leader: Joe Flacco-Bal
#5t Ben Roethlisberger-126

216-Leader: Joe Flacco-Bal
#4t Ben Roethlisberger-192

*Completions %:
71.4%-Leader: Brian Hoyer-Chi
#14 Ben Roethlisberger-65.6%

*Passing Yards:
1,740-Leader: Matt Ryan-Atl
#3 Ben Roethlisberger-1,496

*Touchdown Passes:
15-Leader: Ben Roethlisberger

*Interceptions Thrown:
10-Leader: Ryan Fitzpatrick-NYJ
#12t-Ben Roethlisberger-4

*Times Sacked:
20-Leader: Andrew Luck-Ind
#17t Ben Roethlisberger-9

*QB Rating:
121.6 Leader: Matt Ryan-Atl
#5 Ben Roethlisberger-106.6

*Average Passing Yards Per Game:
348 YPG Leader: Matt Ryan-ATL
#4 Ben Roethlisberger-299 YPG


109-Leader: Ezekiel Elliott-Dal
#16 Deangelo Williams-71
#32 Le'Veon Bell-38

546-Leader: Ezekiel Elliott-Dal
#21 Deangelo Williams-265
#24 Le'Veon Bell-210

*Yards Per Attempt:
5.8 YPC-Leader: Jordan Howard-Chi
#3 Le'Veon Bell-5.5 YPC

*20+ Yard Rushes:
5-Leader: Ezekiel Elliott-Dal
#18t Le'Veon Bell-1

*Rushing Touchdowns:
6-Leader: Melvin Gordon-SD and Carlos Hyde-SF
#7t Deangelo Williams-3

3-Leader: Spencer Ware-KC, Cody Kessler-Cle and Marcus Mariota-Ten

*Average Rushing Yards Per Game:
109.2 YPG-Leader: Ezekiel Elliott-Dal
#2 Le'Veon Bell-105.0 YPG
#24 Deangelo Williams-53.0 YPG

*First Downs:
31-Leader: Ezekiel Elliott-Dal
#16 Deangelo Williams-15
#47t Le'Veon Bell-6


37-Leader: Antonio Brown

50-Leader: Mike Evans-TB
#2 Antonio Brown-56

*Receiving Yards:
519-Leader: Marvin Jones-Det
#6 Antonio Brown-447
#7 Sammie Coates-421

*Average Yards Per Catch:
22.2 YPC Leader: Sammie Coates

*Receiving Touchdowns
5-Leaders: Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson-GB, Michael Crabtree-Oak, Larry Fitzgerald-Ari
#7t Jesse James-3
#23t Sammie Coates-2

*20+ Yard Receptions:
10-Leader: Julio Jones-Atl
#6t Sammie Coates-7
#13t Antonio Brown-6

*Average Receiving Yards Per Game:
103.8 YPG-Leader: Marvin Jones-Det
#6 Antonio Brown-89.4 YPG
#7 Sammie Coates-84.2 YPG
#35 Le'Veon Bell-61.0 YPG

*First Downs:
28-Leader: Antonio Brown
#28t Sammie Coates-15


45-Leader: Dustin Hopkins-Was
#25t Deangelo Williams-24
#25t Antonio Brown-24
#36t Chris Boswell-22

*Total Touchdowns:
6-Leader: Melvin Gordon-SD
#4t Deangelo Williams-4
#4t Antonio Brown-4
#35t Jesse James-2


*Field Goals Made:
13-Leader: Dustin Hopkins-Was and Adam Vinatieri-Ind
#29t Chris Boswell-4

*Field Goal Attempts:
14-Leader: Mike Nugent-CIN, Nick Novak-Hou and Dustin Hopkins-Was
#29t-Chris Boswell-5

*Field Goal Percentage:
100%-Leader: 6 Players
#18t Chris Boswell-80%


Average Kickoff Return:
29.9 YPR-Leader: Cordarrelle Patterson-Min
Not Ranked Among Qualifiers:
Fitzgerald Toussaint-20.0 YPR
Sammie Coates-20.3 YPR

Longest Kickoff Return:
65-Leader: Jalin Marshall-NYJ
#41t Sammie Coates-23
#45t Fitzgerald Toussaint-22 

Average Punt Return:
27.7 YPR-Leader: Jamison Crowder-Was
#7 Antonio Brown-14.6 YPR

Longest Punt Return:
85-Leader: Jamison Crowder-Was and Andre Roberts-Det
#13 Antonio Brown-33

2-Leader: Marcus Sherels-Min


32-Leader: Bradley Pinion-SF
#16 Jordan Berry-21

Longest Punt:
78 Yds-Leader: Brad Nortman-Jax
#13t Jordan Berry-63 Yds

Average Yards Per Punt:
51.8 YPP-Leader: Pat McAfee-Ind
#10 Jordan Berry-47.6 YPP

Net Yards Per Punt:
46.6 YPP-Leader: Sam Martin-Det
#8 Jordan Berry-43.2 YPP

Punts Inside-the-20:
12-Leader: Johnny Hekker-LA
#6t Jordan Berry-10

4-Leader: Pat McAffee-Ind and Brad Wing-NYG
#20t Jordan Berry-1

Fair Catches:
16-Leader: Johnny Hekker-LA
#12t Jordan Berry-6

Punts Returned:
18-Leader: Shane Lechler-
#16t Jordan Berry-8



Net Total Yards Allowed Per Game:
264.0 YPG-Leader: Seattle
#25 Pittsburgh-379.0 YPG

Net Passing Yards Allowed Per Game:
181.0 YPG-Leader: Houston
#30 Pittsburgh-302.90 YPG

Net Rushing Yards Allowed Per Game:
42.8 YPG-Leader: Green Bay
#5 Pittsburgh-77.0 YPG

Points Per Game Allowed:
12.6 PPG-Leader: Minnesota
#9 Pittsburgh-18.6 PPG

+10-Leader: Minnesota
#11t Pittsburgh-+1

Combined Tackles:
57-Leader: Zach Brown-Buf
#36 Ryan Shazier-32
#42t Vince Williams-30

7.0-Leader: Lorenzo Alexander-BUF
#23t Cameron Heyward-3
#44t Vince Williams-2

4-Leader: Marcus Peters-KC
#22t James Harrison-1
#22t Ryan Shazier-1
#22t Jarvis Jones-1

Forced Fumbles:
3-Leader: Bruce Irvin-Oak and Yannick Ngakoue-Jax
#3t Stephon Tuitt-2
#31t Ryan Shazier-1
#31t James Harrison-1
#31t Anthony Chickillo-1

Fumbles Recoveries:
2-Leader: 7 Players
#8t Cameron Heyward-1
#8t Robert Golden-1
#8t Ross Cockrell-1