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Steelers snap totals vs. the Dolphins show the inner workings of a beat down

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The Pittsburgh Steelers didn't just lose to the Miami Dolphins in Week 6, they were beaten down. When reviewing the snap totals there were several revealing points to be made.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week 6 was atrocious. There is a number of adjectives to describe the performance in Miami, but when analyzing the snap totals from the game, there were several factors which point a finger to the overall beat down the Steelers experienced in Hard Rock Stadium Sunday.

Usually I focus on one aspect of the snap totals which might point a finger to a success, or failure, for the black and gold against a particular opponent, but after Sunday's game it seems to be appropriate to simply give a run down of things which could have played a role in the defeat.

  • The first thing which pops of the list at me is the number of plays. The Steelers offense ran 55 plays, while the defense was on the field for 70. Talk about a discrepancy. Throw in the heat and humidity, and no wonder Lawrence Timmons was losing his lunch in the end zone.
  • Steelers got away from run heavy looks. This isn't breaking news, but when Jesse James plays 52 snaps (95-percent), Xavier Grimble 13 (24-percent) and David Johnson 7 (13-percent) you are not having those multiple tight end sets which can be both run and pass formations. The heavy look can also help ailing pass blockers, and avoid seeing Jesse James go one-on-one with Cameron Wake.
  • Sammie Coates could have essentially been inactive. He played 17 snaps (31-percent), and was lowest on the overall tally for wide receivers not named Cobi Hamilton. Antonio Brown (55), Eli Rogers (32), Darrius Heyward-Bey (23). Seems the hand injury was a bigger deal than most thought, his absence was felt on the field.
  • Javon Hargrave (48) and Ricardo Mathews (31) tried to fill the giant shoes of Cameron Heyward, but were relatively unsuccessful. Stephon Tuitt logged 65 snaps, while Daniel McCullers only saw 8 plays.
  • Shockingly, Arthur Moats led the Steelers in snaps at the OLB position, this coming after being demoted. The starters, Anthony Chickillo and Jarvis Jones, logged 30 snaps a piece, while the back-ups, James Harrison and Moats, were a part of 39 and 40 snaps respectively.

For the complete list of snap totals, take a look at the graph below, provided by Pro-Football Reference.