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Pittsburgh Steelers Mount Rushmore: Assistant Coaches

BTSC readers decide week-after-week the top four Steelers of all time in different categories.

Pittsburgh Steelers v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Karl Walter/Getty Images

As Pac Man/Asteroids/Donkey Kong/Q-Bert are arguably the best 80s video games, you get to decide, once again, the cream of the Steeler crop on the mountain top. Last week, you picked Dwight Stone as the George Washington of the fastest Steelers. Rod Woodson, Ike Taylor and Willie Parker rounded out the four. Mike Wallace missed out by one vote.

This week, we look at the greatest assistant coaches in Steeler lore. I'm already penciling in Dick LeBeau. But between the 70s and now, there were some great ones.

What do you think? There have been some great assistants in Steelers history. Some might go back to Joe Greene in his days with the Steelers after his playing career was over, currently Mike Munchak could certainly get some votes for what he has done with the team’s offensive line and everyone loves Joey Porter — it isn’t his fault he doesn’t have much to work with at OLB.

Vote now in the comment section letting us know who you think would be on the Steelers Assistant Coach Mount Rushmore!