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AFC North Standings: Division fails to tally a victory for the second straight week

The AFC North once was the best division in all of football. Not sure anyone is saying that at this point in the 2016 season.

Washington Redskins v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

Once upon a time the AFC North was feared. Considered not just the nastiest division in the league, but also the most competitive in the NFL. When the dust finally settles it may be considered exactly what it used to be, but after eight weeks of action, the AFC North leaves a lot to be desired.

What might be the ultimate cherry on top of the divisional sundae would be the simple fact there hasn’t been a victory within the division in two weeks. In Week 7 all four teams failed to register a win, and in Week 8 the two active teams also were unable to claim victory over their opponents.

Time to take a look at the results, how it happened, their Week 9 opponents and update the Standings.

Washington Redskins - 27
Cincinnati Bengals - 27

Yep. Another week, another tie. What might make this even worse for black and gold fans is Washington had a chip shot field goal to win the game in overtime, but missed. The Bengals escape this wild game over the pond with a tie, and not another loss. Some, like myself, will laugh at the tie, but it could prove valuable when the season is coming to a close.

Week 9 Opponent: BYE Week

New York Jets - 31
Cleveland Browns - 28

You didn’t think the Browns were actually going to win a game did you? While Josh McCown returned for the Browns, it wasn’t enough to salvage the team’s first win of the 2016 season. It may sound like a broken record, but the Browns are playing tough for Hue Jackson. Despite failing to put up a 1 in the ‘W’ column of their schedule, they remain competitive.

Week 9 Opponent: vs. Dallas Cowboys

Pittsburgh Steelers - BYE Week

Week 9 Opponent: at Baltimore Ravens

Baltimore Ravens - BYE Week

Week 9 Opponent: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

AFC North Standings after Week 8:

Pittsburgh Steelers - 4-3
Cincinnati Bengals - 3-4-1
Baltimore Ravens - 3-4
Cleveland Browns - 0-8