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Pittsburgh Steelers Mount Rushmore: Most Quotable Players

BTSC readers decide week-after-week the top four Steelers of all time in different categories.

Just like Chevy Chase / Dennis Miller / Norm McDonald / Seth Myers make up the Mount Rushmore of Saturday Night Live Weekend Update anchors (Miller and Myers are Steeler fans, by the way), there are great top-fours in Steeler lore to debate.

Last week, we formed the Mount Rushmore of Steeler Assistant Coaches and deemed them to be Dick Hoak / Bud Carson / Dick Lebeau / John Mitchell. Sort of surprised Joe Greene, yes THAT Joe Greene, who was an assistant and coached the defensive line wasn't given more credit, but I digress.

This week, let’s determine the most mic-vocal Steeler players of all-time. From Bubby Brister calling the trio of rivers in Pittsburgh the "lake", to Lee Flowers and the "paper champions" or Joey Porter all the way to Antonio Brown. There have always been players that made there mic-time memorable.

Your vote counts, we need you on the construction crew for another Steeler Mount Rushmore. Place your vote in the comment section below!