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Pittsburgh Steelers Rooting Guide: Week 10

The Pittsburgh Steelers desperately need a win Sunday in Week 10, but who else should fans be rooting for around the AFC.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers at 4-4 currently find themselves on the outside looking in, when looking at the AFC Playoff Picture at the midway point of the season. However, before fans get too upset about the prospects of the black and gold not being in the postseason party, realize there is a lot of season left, and there are a slew of teams who could slip up and make Pittsburgh’s road much easier.

With the Steelers halfway through their season, it is time to start up the team’s “Rooting Guide” for the upcoming week. Now, in Week 10 the Baltimore Ravens already defeated the Cleveland Browns on Thursday Night Football, and it should have been obvious who Pittsburgh fans were rooting for...the Browns. Nonetheless, it didn’t happen, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other games worth watching prior to the Steelers’ 4:25 p.m. EDT kickoff with the Dallas Cowboys.

Here are the games to watch, and who you should be rooting for:

Kansas City Chiefs
Carolina Panthers

Who you should root for: Panthers
Why: The Chiefs are currently 6-2, and two games ahead of the Steelers. The AFC West is stacked in 2016, and any slip up will certainly increase the Steelers’ chances. Kanasas City currently sits in an 5th seed of the playoff picture.

Denver Broncos
New Orleans Saints

Who you should root for: Saints
Why: You could copy and paste the sentiment listed for why fans of the Steelers should want the Chiefs to lose and put it here. The Broncos are 6-3, and again, if they could lose it will only narrow the gap between the Steelers and those above them. The Broncos are currently the 6th seed in the playoff picture, and will be without several key players leading into this inter-conference matchup.

Miami Dolphins
San Diego Chargers

Who you should root for: Chargers
Why: This is one of those games where you could easily want both to lose, but the Dolphins have the head-to-head win over Pittsburgh, which is why they are ahead of them in the playoff picture, and another loss will be good for the Steelers. However, the Chargers are 4-5 and nipping at the Steelers’ heals. San Diego is a dangerous team, but in Week 10 you have to be rooting for them to win.

Seattle Seahawks
New England Patriots

Who you should root for: Seahawks
Why: Easy. It’s the Patriots, and no one wants to see them run all over the rest of the competition for the rest of the season. This is a no-brainer as the Steelers should want all teams ahead of them in the standings to lose as much as possible.

Cincinnati Bengals
New York Giants

Who you should root for: Giants
Why: The Bengals are 3-4-1 and coming off a bye. Their schedule eases up a lot down the stretch, and with this looking like a three horse race between the Ravens, Steelers and Bengals to win the AFC North, and only one likely to make the playoffs, every game matters. Go Giants!

Current AFC Playoff Picture entering the Sunday/Monday games of Week 10:

1. New England Patriots - 7-1 (BYE)
2. Oakland Raiders - 7-2 (BYE)

3. Houston Texans - 5-3
6. Denver Broncos - 6-3

4. Baltimore Ravens - 5-4
5. Kansas City Chiefs - 6-2

7. Miami Dolphins - 4-4
8. Pittsburgh Steelers - 4-4
9. San Diego Chargers - 4-5
10. Indianapolis Colts - 4-5
11. Tennessee Titans - 4-5
12. Buffalo Bills - 4-5
13. Cincinnati Bengals - 3-4-1