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Pittsburgh Steelers Mount Rushmore: The Tight Ends

BTSC readers decide week-after-week the top four Steelers of all time in different categories.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers

Just in the same fashion that the top movie-cops of all-time are (arguably) Harry Callihan / John McClane / Martin Riggs and Axel Foley, it is time once again to determine the Mount Rushmore of a certain subset of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

With Ladarius Green finally making his Steeler debut last Sunday against the Cowboys, the thought crossed my mind of who are the greatest to ever line up at the TE position in the Steel City. One is an absolute, and possibly unanimous, no-brainer. They still cry out his first name when a TE catches the ball. But who are the other best of the bests? You decided in the comments below. We will unveil the Mount Rushmore of Steeler Tight Ends next week.