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Pittsburgh Steelers Rooting Guide: Week 11

The Pittsburgh Steelers desperately need a win Sunday in Week 11, but who else should fans be rooting for around the AFC.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 4-5 and officially in desperation mode. After dropping four straight games, the team is facing the winless Cleveland Browns in Week 11. It seems odd to have fans pessimistic about a Browns game, but when you are on a skid like the Steelers currently are, it is tough to be overly confident about anything in particular.

Clearly fans of the Black and Gold want Pittsburgh to right the ship and rattle off several wins en route to an AFC North championship, and a playoff berth, but what about the other teams in the mix? Who should you be rooting for in Week 11? We run down the slate of games, tell you who to root for and why.

Buffalo Bills at
Cincinnati Bengals (1:00 p.m. EDT)

Who you should root for: Buffalo
Why: The Pittsburgh Steelers road to the playoffs is a one way street — win the AFC North. The Bengals are currently in third place in the division, but with an easy stretch of games upcoming for Marvin Lewis and company, every slip up can certainly benefit the black and gold. Plus, the Steelers have a head-to-head matchup with the Bills later in the season, which could help decide a tie-breaker if it came down to it.

Baltimore Ravens at
Dallas Cowboys (1:00 p.m. EDT)

Who you should root for: Dallas
Why: After taking a shower for rooting for the Cowboys, the reality of the situation is the Steelers could find their way into a tie with the Ravens atop the AFC North with a Dallas win, and a Pittsburgh victory. The Ravens and Steelers might be tied, but Baltimore would own the head-to-head tie breaker keeping them in first place. The Steelers would have a chance to control their own destiny with a head-to-head matchup against the Ravens at Heinz Field on Christmas day.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at
Kansas City Chiefs (1:00 p.m. EDT)

Who you should root for: Tampa Bay
Why: The Steelers have dropped four games in a row, and so could some of the other teams ahead of them in the AFC Playoff Picture. Hope the Bucs can pull off an upset on the road to help narrow the distance between them and the rest of the AFC pack vying for a playoff spot.

Miami Dolphins at
Los Angeles Rams (4:05 p.m. EDT)

Who you should root for: Los Angeles
Why: The Dolphins victory over the Steelers gives them a nod in the playoff rankings. Although it likely won’t come down to it, any way the Steelers can get ahead of the Dolphins is a good thing.

Houston Texans at
Oakland Raiders (8:30 p.m. EDT MNF)

Who you should root for: Houston
Why: Again, the Raiders are in a prime spot in the AFC Playoff Picture. The more losses the Raiders can get will certainly help the Steelers if they can string together a few victories.

Current AFC Playoff Picture entering Week 11:

1. New England Patriots - 7-2 - BYE
2. Kansas City Chiefs - 7-2 - BYE

3. Houston Texans - 6-3
5. Denver Broncos - 7-3

4. Baltimore Ravens - 5-4
6. Oakland Raiders - 7-2

7. Miami Dolphins - 5-4
8. Tennessee Titans - 5-5
9. Pittsburgh Steelers - 4-5
10. Indianapolis Colts - 4-5
11. Buffalo Bills - 4-5
12. San Diego Chargers - 4-6
13. Cincinnati Bengals - 3-5-1