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Week 14 Rooting Guide: Who Steelers fans should be pulling for Sunday

The Pittsburgh Steelers are on to Week 14, but see who Steelers fans should be rooting for this Sunday, and Monday.

New York Giants v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The AFC Playoff Picture is already changing with the Kansas City Chiefs leap frogging the Oakland Raiders after their Thursday Night Football win at Arrowhead Stadium in Week 14. However, who should fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers be rooting for this Sunday, and Monday, to help improve their chances of gaining a spot in the postseason?

Check out who the black and gold faithful should be pulling for in Week 14 in the easy-to-read feature below.

Denver Broncos at
Tennessee Titans (1:00 p.m EDT)

Who you should root for: Tennessee
Why: The Denver Broncos are slipping, and their quarterback situation is in a state of flux. They are ahead of the Steelers in the race for a Wild Card spot, and the more games they lose, the more likely the Steelers’ road to the playoffs turns from a one lane road, to a two late street.

Arizona Cardinals at
Miami Dolphins (1:00 p.m. EDT)

Who you should root for: Arizona
Why: Arizona has been one of the disappointing teams in 2016. While Super Bowl appearance was being discussed prior to the season, the Cardinals haven’t lived up to the hype. Nonetheless, they have shown flashes of the team everyone expected, and Steelers fans are hoping the Dolphins get tripped up again, like they did in Baltimore last week, to help Pittsburgh jump over them in the AFC Playoff Picture (assuming the Steelers take care of business in Buffalo).

Baltimore Ravens at
New England Patriots (8:30 p.m. EDT - Monday Night Football)

Who you should root for: New England
Why: Baltimore holds the tie breaker in the AFC North, and although it makes me sick to my stomach to say this, the Steelers need the Patriots to beat the tar out of the Ravens on Monday night. If the Patriots can beat the Ravens, and the Steelers beat the Bills, Pittsburgh would have a game advantage over Baltimore in the AFC North division with only three games to go, one of them being the head-to-head matchup on Christmas Day. I need to go shower after stating we need to root for the Patriots.

Houston Texans at
Indianapolis Colts (1:00 p.m. EDT)

Who you should root for: Flip a Coin
Why: Both of these teams are 6-6, and this game will give someone an early edge in the AFC South division, but the longer the season goes the less it looks like the AFC South will be sending anyone to the playoffs, other than their division winner. Therefore, between the Colts, Titans and Texans, it seems to be a race to the finish for the division title, and the No. 4 seed.