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Pittsburgh Steelers Mount Rushmore: Greatest December Games

What are the Top-4 December Steelers games of all time? BTSC values your opinion.

Green Bay Packers v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

In the same manner that Mel Sharples, Howard Cunningham, Stanley Roper and George Jefferson are the Mount Rushmore of 70s sitcom business owners, there’s an awesome foursome of Steelers for many a category.

Last week, you voted Ben Roethlisberger, Franco Harris, Jack Lambert and Kendrell Bell (narrowly besting Joe Greene by one vote) as putting in the best rookie performances as a Steeler.

December is the month that it all needs to come together. The Steelers had plenty of memorable December games that vaulted them toward the playoffs. We are going regular season only. This week, we give you a challenge in deciding the four greatest, regular-season Steeler games of all time occurring in the month of December. For me, it’s Christmas Eve 1989 at TB, December 1997 at NE, December 1984 at the LA Raiders and December 2008 at Baltimore. So put your thinking cap on, this one is fun.