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Rival Roundup: Cleveland Browns could be in hot water over lying about Johnny Manziel's concussion

In the latest edition of the AFC North Rival Roundup, we dive into the mess which is the Cleveland Browns organization, the Ravens talking Draft and the Bengals looking ahead to 2017.

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With the Super Bowl now in the rear view mirror, the news on NFL teams starts to become scarce, unless you are the Cleveland Browns. The Browns have not only been entrenched in a head coaching switch, again, but have had to deal with the nonsense which surrounds Johnny Manziel.

The Browns released a statement last week essentially saying when they can, they plan to released the young quarterback, but if you thought that was the end of this situation you were wrong. Manziel, deciding laying low isn't his style, now faces criminal charges for an altercation with an ex-girlfriend which saw her ear drum ruptured due to Manziel striking her in the head, this news all on the heels of Manziel's own agent deciding enough was enough and parting ways with his client.

Yeah, let's just say that rarely ever happens in professional sports.

All of this is extremely bad for business if you are Johnny Manziel, but as the Browns try to turn the corner, a new report released Tuesday could have the team in some mighty hot water. Reports are circulating the Browns lied about Manziel's concussion in Week 17, all to hide the fact Manziel reportedly showed up to a Wednesday practice drunk.

There are so many layers to this it is tough to even start, but the NFL takes the injury reporting process serious. Don't be surprised to see the Browns punished if this report is indeed proven to be true. Meanwhile, Manziel seems to be teetering on the edge of the abyss. Hopefully the young man can get his act together.

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