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2015 Pittsburgh Steelers Rookie Review: Senquez Golson just might be the answer at CB

The Pittsburgh Steelers got nothing -- literally -- from their second round draft pick, but that doesn't mean his future is now diminished.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

When sitting down to write an article here at BTSC headquarters, there is a search engine with photos to use for the article. You know, those wonderful images which adorn each and every article on the site? Yeah, those. Well, type in 'Pittsburgh Steelers Senquez Golson', and you get two images. That's right...two stinking images.

I guess it is fitting considering the rookie from Ole Miss didn't play even a preseason snap for the black and gold in his rookie year. What are photographers supposed to do? Snap photos of him going through the rehab process on his torn labrum? Hardly the photo opportunity, if you ask me.

Nonetheless, the small, but big, cornerback has yet to show what he is capable of on the field, but will have the opportunity in 2016 when he will hopefully leave his mark on the team's secondary. Before the 2015 season, Golson was supposed to be the team's slot cornerback, and possibly shift to the outside depending on the play of fellow defensive backs. Clearly, that never happened, but it very well should in 2016.

For as much garbage which was spewed all over social media about Golson's size (5-foot 9-inches tall) after being drafted, those people must not have watched him play in the SEC and not just hold his own, but tally 10 interceptions his Senior season. Golson is a big-time player with tremendous ball skills and the versatility to play both the inside and outside cornerback positions.

With the Steelers facing the likes of William Gay, Antwon Blake and Brandon Boykin all potentially leaving via free agency, there should be comfort knowing Golson will be back and healthy in 2016. Yes, I realize he hasn't stepped foot in a NFL stadium, or played a meaningful down in the NFL before, but Golson is certainly going to improve a sagging secondary which ranked 30th in the NFL in 2015.

Steelers GM Kevin Colbert said they are viewing Golson as another second round pick in 2016, but he has more to offer than a fresh faced college student stepping into a NFL headquarters. Golson was injured in 2015, but was still a part of the team. Golson told reporters he was in Pittsburgh as much as he could be, and with the offseason should have a general grasp of the team's intricacies on defense heading into Spring workouts and OTAs. Those workouts will be crucial for Golson to get acclimated to the tendencies of teammates and the verbiage which is used within the defense.

It was disappointing to see Golson shelved for the entire 2015 season, but there is a chance his play in 2016 will make the wait worth while.