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Enter the BTSC Pittsburgh Steelers story contest

The 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers season was magical, and we want to hear your best story from the season! Enter the BTSC story contest to win some wicked free Steelers socks from Strideline!

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Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers season was incredible. Sure, it didn't end with a Lombardi trophy, but just think about what a wild and crazy season it was from start to finish. Ben Roethlisberger goes down with a knee injury in Week 3 against the Rams, Mike Vick miraculously leads the team to victory aided by Le'Veon Bell's 'WildCat' touchdown, then Landry Jones comes off the bench against the Arizona Cardinals to win.

I could go on, but that was just the first half of the season!

We want to know what your best story was from the season, and by doing so, you could win some awesome swag by the way of awesome Strideline Steelers socks. Check out their website, scroll down to the Pittsburgh collection, and know we have all 4 pairs in stock and ready to ship to the winners of the contest.

So, how do you enter? Easy. Follow the steps below:

1. Take to the comment section below and write your story. (Did you go to a game? Have a crazy story about saving someone's life at the end of the Steelers vs. Bengals Wild Card game?...they all count and we want to hear them!)

2. Vote on your favorite stories by giving a REC, or two, or three to some of the great stories posted below.

3. The highest REC totals after ONE WEEK will get their pick of socks and will be contacted through email by yours truly to get your mailing address to ship out these bad boys as soon as possible. We have about 10 pairs of socks, so the top 10 vote getters will be rocking some sweet Strideline socks throughout the offseason and beyond.

So, what are you waiting for?! We want to hear your stories, and you want to win some socks that were worn by Antonio Brown and DeAngelo Williams this season!

Here we go Steelers!