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Around the NFL: News, stories and links to the latest and greatest on the web

There is a lot of news happening in the NFL, but there are also some great stories you might have missed. We provide some must-read stories from around the league.

Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

It might be the offseason, but there no dearth of fascinating articles about professional football. Here are a few of the most engaging NFL-related articles of the week. Since there aren't games on Sunday morning for nearly six months, some weekend reading might help the time pass more quickly.

In N.F.L., Deeply Flawed Concussion Research and Ties to Big Tobacco
by Alan Schwartz, Walt Bogdanich, and Jacqueline Williams in the New York Times

Surprise! The NFL's research on head trauma was even more flawed than originally reported. The league's data collection procedures were deeply compromised and was far from "independent" and "meticulous" as Dr. Elliot Pellman, head of the concussion committee, had claimed.

Steve Gleason On Fighting ALS: ‘Living To 39 Doesn't Feel Like A Milestone'
by Timothy Bella on The Cauldron at Sports Illustrated

A poignant interview with former New Orleans Saints player Steve Gleason

Building the Perfect Route Tree: Short Routes
by Mark Schofield on Inside the Pylon

Schofield has a unique take on this year's quarterback draft class, delving into the most common short routes in college football. The article is fraught with diagrams and video.

Steelers' Unmatched Coaching Longevity the Envy of NFL Peers
by Jeremy Fowler on ESPN

With only three head coaches since 1969, the Steelers are known for the consistency and stability of their coaching staff. Read Jeremy Fowler's take on the team with the lowest head coach turnover in the entire league.