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Rival Roundup: Joe Flacco is now the highest paid player in the NFL

Don't look now, but Joe Flacco is the highest paid player in the NFL. Time to check out that story, and others, as we scan around the AFC North.

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When it comes to the highest paid player in the NFL, most would think Tom Brady, Peyton Manning or even Aaron Rodgers. Nope, not even close. After signing a new contract extension Wednesday, Joe Flacco is now the NFL's highest paid player.

Now that you've spit your coffee all over your electronic device, Flacco's new deal makes him the top earner in the league in both metrics which contracts are analyzed. 1.) Value of the deal from signing and 2.) Calculating the "new money" added by the extension.

When he inked his new three-year extension, Flacco has $66.4 million dollars in new money, couple with a $58.6 million dollar stipend added on with the new contract extension. That adds up to $125 million dollars over six years, averaging $20.8 million per year, higher than his $20.1 mark prior to the extension.

Of course, quarterbacks Andrew Luck and Drew Brees will likely try to top some of those numbers, but as of right now, the man in Baltimore is the richest man in the league -- for now.

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