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5 most embarrassing Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys to own and wear

Limas Sweed was a mega bust for the Steelers. Does he crack your top five embarrassing jerseys?

Sweed showcasing his skills in preseason.
Sweed showcasing his skills in preseason.
Rick Stewart/Getty Images

It is an hour before kickoff and you are going to meet up with your buddies for a great Sunday afternoon watching the Steelers at your favorite watering hole. Drinks and talking trash with your non-Steelers buddies are on your mind. Everything comes to a screeching halt when you're getting dressed to leave. Crap, your Ben Roethlisberger jersey is sitting right in the corner from last Sunday and the dog used it for a bed.

Backup plan activated.

Searching everywhere for the Martavis Bryant jersey. What the ****? It was hanging right here six months ago. That leaves two options. Go without your gameday threads and have your buddies ask if you are embarrassed about wearing Steelers garb in a tough matchup with the hated Bungles. That kind of razzing simply will not fly. You do have that other jersey that Mom bought for you, long ago. Bless her heart, but she knows absolutely nothing about football. The issue is, do you really want to wear it?

Here is my Top 5 list of Steelers player jerseys that would be tough for me to wear out for gameday.

5 - Huey Richardson
Richardson played in five games, after being selected 15th overall in the 1991 draft. He recorded three total tackles, one on ST. Then Bill Cowher succeeded the great Chuck Noll following the '91 season and shipped Huey off to Washington for a seventh-rounder.

4 - Sean Mahan
Mahan is sorrowfully only remembered for his holding penalty during the 2007 playoffs, Pitt had completed a two-point conversion, only to have it negated by Mahn's holding penalty. If the two pointer had stood, Steeler Nation would have had a chance in OT.

3 - Limas Sweed

Second rounder, Linas Sweed lasted two seasons for Pittsburgh after being drafted in the second round in 2008. Sweed's 2009 one catch season mercifully came to an end when the Steelers placed him on the NFI list, following which he admitted to "personal issues". Sweed tore his Achilles in 2010 and missed the entire season, and thankfully, he was released before the start of the 2011 season.

2 - Jamain Stephens

In 1996, Stephens was selected 29th overall by the Black and Gold with lofty expectations. Stephens who started 10 games in his second season, entered training camp in 1997 as the Steelers starting right tackle. In 1999 on the very first day of training camp, he was required to run 14 40-yard dashes. Qutting from exhaustion during the eleventh run, Stephens was cut hours later. "While there were several factors involved in Jamain's release," Cowher said in the statement released by the club, "it was obvious he lacked the commitment to compete in this camp. I had no choice but to release him."

1 - Mark Malone

It was so tough to be a Steelers fan in the mid to late 80's, and Malone was one of the main culprits. It will always be a mystery to me why a clearly inept Malone was kept around so long by the legendary Noll. In 1987 Malone started 12 games, completing 46 percent of his passes (that is not a typo) with a 6-19 TD to INT ratio. How many of you have a Malone jersey buried deep in your closet, in that one box your wife tries to throw away year after year.


There are many many other choices, these are just mine. Would enjoy hearing yours and the reasons why.

Nerdoid fact: After the 1987 season, the Steelers suckered San Diego into trading two eighth rounders for Malone.