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2016 Steelers Roster, 90 in 90 Days: Ben Roethlisberger remains the cornerstone of the offense

In a new feature at BTSC, we are breaking down the Steelers 90-man roster one player, one position, one day at a time. The conclusion of this feature will be the start of the 2016 season.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to a fantastic idea from a reader, we have a new series here at BTSC. There are 90 days until the Pittsburgh Steelers season starts in September. There are also 90 players on the Steelers offseason roster, so why not give an overview of a player a day? These overviews will give you a sense of who each player is, there chance of making the team, and what they could bring to the Steelers. Let's dive in...

Player: Ben Roethlisberger

Position: QB

School: Miami (OH)

Overview: Ben Roethlisberger is the Steelers franchise quarterback and is still in his prime. Gone are the days of Roethlisberger running around like a mad man and launching the ball down the field. Don't get me wrong, Roethlisberger can still do that if the play breaks down but that's no longer part of the Steelers game plan. Under Todd Haley Roethlisberger has typically gotten the ball out faster and thus limited the damage he takes. Roethlisberger has taken his fair share of shots over they yeas and sooner or later that's going to catch up to him, but all reports seem to indicate Ben is ready to go and fans should see another great year from number seven in 2016

Arm Strength
Mobility in the pocket

Too trusting in arm sometimes
Injury Toll
Can be 'streaky'

Chances of Making the team: 100%

Highlights of the player: