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2016 Steelers Roster, 90 in 90 Days: Antonio Brown continues to raise the bar for himself in 2016

In a new feature at BTSC, we are breaking down the Steelers 90-man roster one player, one position, one day at a time. The conclusion of this feature will be the start of the 2016 season.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Day 5 has us back on the offensive side of the football with the most prolific wide receiver in the NFL. Pittsburgh Steelers wide out Antonio Brown.

Player: Antonio Brown

Position: WR

School: Central Michigan

Overview: I honestly don't know if there is a player in any sport that makes me say "wow" once a game like Antonio Brown, arguably the best wide receiver in the league, does. After being selected in the sixth round of the 2010 draft Brown spent his rookie year working at his craft and playing a lot of special teams. By his second year he was a 1000-yard receiver and by 2013 a legitimate star in the league. Since then Brown has been the Steelers most consistent player with his streak of at least five catches and 50 yards snapped this year only when Ben Roethlisberger was injured. Aside from a three game stretch in 2012 for an ankle injury and the playoff loss to the Broncos where he was recovering from a concussion Brown has played every game for the Steelers since becoming a starter. As a player Brown owns a tremendous set of hands to go along with superb rout running and agility. He is not a speed a demon nor a big physical wide receiver by any means but his athletic ability more than makes up for that. He is a master of catching a seven yard pass then making someone miss to gain additional yards. He also has an underrated stiff arm. Brown brings additional value as punt returner where he displays good vision when hitting the hole leading to solid returns, though it remains unclear if the Steelers plan on toning down his punt returning role in 2016. What's scary is that Brown's work ethic is something that gets overlooked. When you combine his training along with a healthy Roethlisberger it's possible we still haven't seen the best Brown has to offer.

Rout Running
Athletic Ability
Comfort with Roethlisberger
Work Ethic

Lacks blazing speed
Lacks size to go up and get a jump ball like Dez Bryant
Mostly disappeared in games Roethlisberger was injured
Has suffered a concussion

Chances of Making the team: 100% As if you needed me to tell you.