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If you could have any Steelers player for an eternity, who would it be?

With a legacy like the Pittsburgh Steelers, the list of legendary players is overwhelming. To narrow it down to one favorite player can be tougher than imagined.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to imagination land! Where pigs fly, Cleveland wins championships (wait, shoot....), and football players don't get injured nor aged.

If you could pick any Steelers player in their prime, past or present, to have for the rest of eternity, with no worries of injury or aging, who would you pick?

This truly is a tough question because there are so many routes you can take, and the list of Steelers legends seems to go on forever.

Since I was born in 1993, I was not exposed to the historical greats such as Terry Bradshaw, Mean Joe Greene, or Mike Webster. I grew up with Joey "Jerry" Porter (Is that joke dead yet?), Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, and company.

It's easy to get nostalgic and focus more on past players when making your selection, but don't overlook some of the elite, current players. Even though he still has plenty of years left, anyone in their right mind has to throw Antonio Brown into consideration. Le'veon Bell? It's early, but possible-- especially if you don't have to worry about injuries. A healthy Ben Roethlisberger? He's as good as any quarterback in the National Football League right now.

No matter who you pick, there will always be people that disagree because of the extremely long list to choose from.

My take? Future Hall of Famer, Troy Polamalu. The eight-time pro bowler, 2010 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, safety out of University of Southern California.

In his prime, Polamalu was the best safety the city of Pittsburgh has ever seen. Whether he was blitzing on the line, or deep in the secondary, you could always trust that the defense was in good hands. Even though his turnover numbers may not show it, nobody impacted the game like Troy. He would come out of nowhere, and be involved in every single play.

Whether it was his perfectly timed snap counts:

Or his ridiculous one-handed interceptions:

Troy Polamalu was the most dynamic defensive player in National Football League history. Humble and fearless, he is one of the greatest leaders in Steelers history.

Maybe I'm being biased, due to the fact that I miss tough Steelers defense. A weak secondary that has become a joke of the NFL could use a Polamalu in his youth.

I can't help but wonder what Troy paired with the improved Mike Mitchell could result in. Although Steelers Nation saw a glimpse of it in 2014, that season does it no justice. Polamalu was aged and injury prone, Mitchell was new and had not settled into the defense, like he has now. Two fast, hard-hitting safeties together in the Steelers secondary, combined with the youthful cornerbacks that are being developed, could make a joke out of the Seahawks reputable Legion of Boom-- I introduce you to the new star defense: The Legion of Zoom (Still quite possible even without Troy Polamalu).

Now it's your turn: If you could have any Steelers player, past or present, on the roster forever, who would you choose?