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Iron Sharpening Iron: A breakdown of Steelers WR Antonio Brown vs. Seahawks CB Richard Sherman in 2015

In 2015 the Steelers played the Seahawks, and there was a game within the game between Antonio Brown and Richard Sherman. We provide a breakdown of the matchup with epitomizes 'iron sharpening iron'.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

When the 2015 NFL schedule was released, like most fans, you tend to circle games which you are extra excited to watch. For me, the Pittsburgh Steelers showdown on the west coast against the Seattle Seahawks was one of those games.

Not only was it a rematch of Super Bowl 40, but a showdown of two of the elite teams in the modern day NFL. The game certainly didn't disappoint, even though the Steelers were not victorious, but there were multiple reasons why I looked forward to the game.

Russell Wilson vs. Ben Roethlisberger

The Steelers offense  vs. the Legion of Boom

But what was the biggest draw to the game was:

Antonio Brown vs. Richard Sherman

No two players have dominated their position like these two superstars the past three seasons, and the chance to watch them go head-to-head for an entire game was something the most die hard football fan would love to enjoy.

Like the game, the matchup didnt' disappoint. In fact, it was so intriguing Sam Gold, of Field Gulls (SB Nation's Seattle Seahawks website) did a complete breakdown of the matchup. Every single play, every time Brown was targeted and even when Brown wasn't targeted...they are all in this incredible breakdown.

Gold provides a very fair, and accurate, recap of this matchup, and you can watch it below. If you want to check out what the Seahawks fans had to say about this same breakdown, you can access their article HERE.

Sit back and enjoy iron sharpening iron.