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2016 BTSC Writer Profile: Brett Foreman

In an effort to create a better community at BTSC, we are having all of our writers give profiles of themselves, their writing styles and their fandom. Enjoy!

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I’m a 46 year old life-long fan of all Pittsburgh sports, from upstate NY. That has not stopped me from visiting the city, as I still have a few roots there. Plus I love being the part of Steelers Nation that travels so well.

I owe my love of all things Pittsburgh to Mom. Born and raised in the Squirrel Hill area, her father owned a scrap metal yard (Cartiff & Sons) in Pittsburgh, and as a family they rooted for the local guys. I can still remember mom shouting at the television when I was only four years old. She was (still is) as an enthusiastic a fan now as when the Steelers were about to win their first Lombardi. Her passion stuck with me. Mom was also an English teacher for many years, so she is directly responsible for my love of the written word.

I’m a father of two young kids, and I’m doing my best to teach them right and wrong. Steelers right, Bengals wrong-lesson over. My son plays for the local youth football program which is affiliated with the NFL Play 60 initiative. We don’t root for anything but Pittsburgh sports in our household.

It is an honor to be able to share my thoughts and opinions with other Steelers fans on such a grand scale as BTSC!