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BTSC 2016 Writer Profile: Dan Sager

"Hi, I'm Mr. Meeseeks, look at me." -Mr. Meeseeks

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Hi, I’m Dan.

Boring stuff first: I’m 25, I work as a technical writer in Pittsburgh, and I have several degrees in journalism and public relations. I was always interested in politics, so I decided to minor in political science in the hopes that I could one day be a political correspondent (I no longer have any interest in pursuing such a vocation). In addition, I am a member of the Pro Football Writers of America.

I first came to BTSC in November 2014. I literally saw an advertisement for a Steelers writer on Craig’s List, and I am not even remotely joking. So, I sent Neal (the former editor here) an email that contained a link to a blog post that I wrote about the day in the life of a graduate student. Somehow, that irrelevant piece of writing was enough to land me the job. Months later, I left to work for a USA Today-backed site. It was pretty cool for a while, but it was definitely missing the community-driven atmosphere that BTSC is famous for (or notorious for, sometimes). Thankfully, Jeff was kind enough to let me rejoin an extremely talented stable of writers. 

I grew up like an hour north of Pittsburgh, so I’ve basically been a Steelers fan forever. My dad is probably reading this, so I will thank him for that. My mom liked the Tom Landry era Cowboys, so since she is probably also reading this, I will call her out for that, as well. I enjoy watching most sports in general, but the only team other than the Steelers that I actively cheer for is the Red Sox. For some reason, I also kind of like the Kansas City Chiefs. Jamaal Charles and Eric Berry both just seem like stand up dudes, so I hope they do well. I am also a huge Andrew Luck fan, so just ignore all of my articles during Colts week.

I live with my wife and two cats in the suburbs. The three of them are pretty solid creatures. Other than writing, I’m an avid golfer, but my handicap isn't as low as Jeff's yet. I play Nike, so the recent news has hit me pretty hard. I used to play soccer decently in high school, but seven years and countless trips to Chipotle and Sheetz have decimated my chances at a comeback.

Reading fashion magazines is one of my guilty pleasures. I’m also a huge fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and I am prepared to spend an inappropriate amount of money on tickets when they tour stateside, which will hopefully occur in spring-ish of 2017. Oh, and I also love rap music. I grew up in a town with three stoplights and 15 dairy farms, so my rap fetish is a little misplaced, but I’ll talk rap all day. J. Cole is currently the best rapper on the planet, in my humble opinion, and I will debate this with anyone.

If you have any questions or anything, please feel free to reach out to me. I’m honestly pretty easygoing. If anyone wants to play fantasy football or something, get at me! We can set something up, maybe. I am on Twitter (@danwritesstuff) but my tweeting is kind of all over the place. 

I hope you guys like reading my stuff. Thank you all for welcoming me back.