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AFC North Standings: Week 1 nearly complete, no shock in early rankings

Although the Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to play in Week 1, take a look at how the other AFC North teams did in the season opening NFL Sunday.

Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

The Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to play in Week 1, but the rest of the AFC North has a game under their belts, and there weren't many surprises in the opening week. Let's take a look at who won, who impressed and who struggled in their first game of 2016.

Baltimore Ravens: 13
Buffalo Bills: 7

If you love offensive football games, then you didn't want to watch this game. Tyrod Taylor and the reported dynamic offense with Sammy Watkins and LeSean McCoy certainly didn't light up the scoreboard. In fact, they barely put any points on the board at all.

Joe Flacco did throw the ball 34 times for 258 yards and a touchdown, but was often under siege and didn't look very mobile, or comfortable, on his surgically repaired knee. The Ravens won, and that is all that matters, but if was far from a perfect performance.

Cincinnati Bengals: 23
New York Jets: 22

Some say NFL games can come down to just a handful of plays, and this game would certainly fall into that category. The Jets Nick Folk missed a 22-yard field goal, and a point-after-touchdown, and those points ended up haunting the Jets as they lost the game by one to the Bengals.

The Jets did have under a minute to give Folk a chance to redeem himself, but Ryan Fitzpatrick threw a late game interception to seal the win for Cincinnati. While Cincinnati now prepares for the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 2, they might be more concerned about their offensive line who surrendered 7 sacks on Andy Dalton, 5 in the first half.

Cleveland Browns: 10
Philadelphia Eagles: 29

Is there a better way for a rookie quarterback to start in the NFL than playing at home against the Cleveland Browns? No way. Carson Wentz did enough to beat an absolutely atrocious Browns team. There was a time in the game where the Browns were within a field goal of the Eagles, then they became the Browns again and the Eagles had a 16-3 second half to seal the win.

AFC North Standings (Week 1)

Baltimore Ravens: 1-0
Cincinnati Bengals: 1-0
Pittsburgh Steelers: 0-0
Cleveland Browns: 0-1