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Random Thoughts from a Black and Gold Mind: Week 2

The Pittsburgh Steelers are 1-0, all is well right? Well not in this fan's mind...take a step inside the mind of a black and gold fanatic.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

After thumping the Redskins in the District (technically Landover, MD is not the District...but you get it) on Monday Night Football, I have lots of thoughts swirling in and around my cranium. Complete jubilation. Relief. Optimism. Concern. All of these categories pop up in random fashion and I, once again, wish to share them with BTSC, you the readers, and Gernblanston69.

*It has come to my attention that I may have offended some in last week's "Random Thoughts" article. Therefore, I would like to extend a heartfelt apology to the following:

- The morons in the Redskins and Chargers promotions department
- Anybody who has ever stolen a Hot Pocket
- White socks lovers and Fruitcake gifters
- Swingers
- Redskins fans who are incapable of supporting their team
- The incompetent Cleveland Browns Scouting Department
- Wentworth Miller
- The fine casts of Punky Brewster and Annie
- The shopping habits of Antonio Brown
- The costume department at Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
- Mount Rushmore
- Statues with pink dread locks
- Shareef
- People who are upset that I did not mention Screech Powers
- Wife sharers everywhere

I'm humbly sorry...end scene.

* Although I the validity of this has been debunked, the James Harrison-attributed fake tweet regarding the "National Anthem/Broken Leg" was classic. When he retires, Deebo should offer his services of "telling it like it is" for people at a premium. Wouldn't you love to pay James to help tell people off for you?

* I hate to give kudos to ESPN, because I think they are exploitative and sometimes the devil, but I thought they did a nice job highlighting the National Anthem as it pertains to the military service and honors achieved by Alejandro Villanueva. The Steelers standing up to honor their country and their left tackle shows a genuine cohesiveness and respect for their teammate and their country.

* Football aside, Antonio Brown is a genuine entertainer. His ESPN commercial with him working the reception desk is not only clever, but his performance is dynamic. BOOMIN'!

* Now for the ridiculously bad. Watching Chris Berman and the ESPN Sunday Countdown crew dance around to hip hop and stick their faces in the camera pronouncing that they are "all the way up" is dreadful. If I wanted to watch old dudes dance around while miserably failing at trying to look cool, I'd go to my class reunion.

* Ryan Shazier will be the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year if he can manage to play 16 games. Is that possible? I don't know. The guy is the epitome of Steeler football. Although, he is becoming more aware of what he can and can't get away with on the field...he is still a kamikaze. Waiting and watching for No. 50 to arise from a pile is like the tense anticipation of awaiting the results of a home pregnancy test. Is it a plus, a minus, red, blue, green, something?

* At the time of this writing, Ryan's knee is being evaluated. His departure was said to be precautionary, but you never know. Here's hoping Shazier is sporting a helmet and not a hoodie at Heinz on Sunday.

* I have a feeling that you will be able to trace any postseason success for the Pittsburgh Steelers this year to the fourth and one on opening night. The ballsy decision to go up-top to a double-covered AB could be a moment that defines a championship. That very instant won the game for the Steelers.

* Ben Roethlisberger looked MVP-like against Washington. I am going to get a lot of disagreement regarding this one, but I think that the league and media seem ready to recognize his greatness and will subsequently reward him for it. I don't know if he'll get the Manning or Brady treatment on the field pertaining to calls though.

* When it is all said and done, Antonio Brown will be known as the greatest receiver in the history of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

* I'm glad to be wrong, but I still think that AB got away with one. I thought for sure that the reviewed incompletion was indeed a catch and a fumble. That was another key moment.

* Eli Rogers has the trust of Ben Roethlisberger. When you have his trust, he will look for, and throw to, you on the football field. This was apparent in camp. However, Eli needs to maintain that trust. He had a great game and looked dynamic, but he also looked scary. My dad always taught me to catch with my body, as well as my hands. Against Washington, Eli did not follow with his hands and let balls bounce of of his body on the pick.  Another bounced off of Sammie Coates that Eli miraculously recovered for a touchdown. I was so elated, but I had to stop to see if that was Rogers on the back of his jersey or Moe, Larry, Curly or Shemp. Maybe my dad needs to have a talk with these young receivers.

* Sean Davis looks like he just gets it. He's the future at safety.

* If you are a food server and you are thinking about complaining on social media about the lack of tip that you received from somebody, especially a celebrity, think about possible reasons why that sum-snubbing may have occurred before you click on "post". A waitress from a the Ledo's Pizza chain (I live in Marland, one of my absolute favorites) blasted DeAngelo Williams for his .75 cent tip the other night in the DC area. What she didn't think about was that D-Will would fire back. No. 34 listed several, specific reasons that equated too very poor service as the reason for the small tip. He noted that she would have gotten nothing had he had correct change. He also mentioned his previous service-industry experience in the rebuttal. The waitress has been subsequently fired. I should apply for her opening. If they have an employee discount, I'm in. I love their food.

And Finally...

I wonder what Rich Erenberg is doing these days.

Until next week,

To quote Billy Joel..."Don't go changing just to please me...I love you just the way you are."