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2016 NFL League Leaders: Many Steelers players among the league's leaders

The Steelers had a dynamic Week 1, and because of that, many players are near the top in terms of league leaders. See who, and where, they rank heading into Week 2.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Last week's 38-16 win over Washington was a great team win. While wins, losses and winning the Super Bowl are much more paramount than the individual performance, boasting the accomplishments of singular players is fun to do. In Steeler Stalwarts, BTSC will note where Steeler units and players rank among the top 50 league leaders in the NFL. Some will stay in the rankings all year long, others will suddenly appear and a few will vacate. So use this is a guide to further explain the greatness of your team when other's dispute you.



Net Total Yards:
507-Leader: New Orleans
#5 Pittsburgh-437

Net Passing Yards:
419-Leader: New Orleans
#10 Pittsburgh-290

Net Rushing Yards:
167-Leader: Oakland
#6 Pittsburgh-147

Points Per Game:
39-Leader: Detroit
#2 Pittsburgh-38


34-Leader: Alex Smith-KC
#6 Ben Roethlisberger-27

48-Leader: Alex Smith-KC
#12t Ben Roethlisberger-37

*Completions %:
79.5%-Leader: Matthew Stafford
#3 Ben Roethlisberger-73.0%

*Passing Yards:
423-Leader: Drew Brees
#10 Ben Roethlisberger-300

*Passing Yards Per Attempt:
12.20 YPA-Leader: Andy Dalton
#9 Ben Roethlisberger-8.11

*Touchdown Passes:
4-Leader: Drew Brees-NO, Andrew Luck-Ind and Jameis Winston-TB
#4t Ben Roethlisberger-3

*Interceptions Thrown:
2-Leader: Kirk Cousins-Was, Case Keenum-LA and Trevor Siemian
#4t-Ben Roethlisberger-1

*Times Sacked:
7-Leader: Andy Dalton-Cin
#22t Ben Roethlisberger-1

*QB Rating:
131.3-Leader: Drew Brees-NO
#7 Ben Roethlisberger-112.4

*Average Passing Yards Per Game:
423.00-Leader: Drew Brees
#10 Ben Roethlisberger-300.00


28-Leader: Lamar Miller-Hou
#2-Deangelo Williams-26

143-Leader: Deangelo Williams

*Yards Per Attempt:
28.0-Leader: Jalen Richard-Oak, Andy Janovich-Den
#25-Deangelo Williams-5.5

*20+ Yard Rushes:
1-Leader: 11 Players

*Rushing Touchdowns:
2-Leader: Deangelo Williams, Carlos Hyde-SF, Melvin Gordon-SD

*Average Rushing Yards Per Game:
143.00-Leader: Deangelo Williams

*First Downs:
9-Leader: Deangelo Williams


12-Leader: A.J. Green-Cin
#5t Antonio Brown-8
#21t Deangelo Williams-6
#21t Eli Rogers-6
#41t Jesse James-5

15-Leader: Allen Robinson-Jax
#9t Antonio Brown-11
#21t Deangelo Williams-9
#41t Eli Rogers-7
#41t Jesse James-7

*Receiving Yards:
180-Leader: A.J. Green-Cin
#6 Antonio Brown-126
#50t Eli Rogers-59

*Average Yards Per Catch:
35.5-Leader: Tyrell Williams SD
#8 Sammie Coates-28.0
#36 Antonio Brown-15.8

*Receiving Touchdowns
2-Leaders: Antonio Brown, Jack Doyal-IND, Demarco Murray-Ten, Larry Fitzgerald-AZ and Brandin Cooks-NO
#6t Eli Rogers-1

*20+ Yard Receptions:
4-Leader: Amari Cooper
#2t Antonio Brown-3
#41t Eli Rogers-1
#41t Sammie Coates-1

*Average Receiving Yards Per Game:
180-Leader: A.J. Green-Cin
#6 Antonio Brown-126
#50t Eli Rogers-59

*First Downs:

8-Leader: Willie Snead
#3t Antonio Brown-6
#41t Eli Rogers-3
#41t Jesse James-3


13-Leader: Dan Bailey-Dal and Blair Walsh-Min
#3t Antonio Brown-12
#3t Deangelo Williams-12

*Total Touchdowns:
2-Leader: Ten Players
#1t Antonio Brown-2
#1t Deangelo Williams-2
#11t Eli Rogers-1


*Field Goals Made:
4-Leader: Dan Bailey-Dal and Blair Walsh-Min
#20t Chris Boswell-1

*Field Goal Attempts:
6-Leader: Blair Walsh-Min
#21t Chris Boswell-1

*Field Goal Percentage:
100%-Leader: 17 Players
#1t Chris Boswell-100%

*Extra Points Made:
5-Leader: Chris Boswell

*Extra Point Attempts:
5-Leader: Chris Boswell and Matt Prater-Det

*Extra Point Percentage:
100%-Leader: 26 Players
#1t Chris Boswell-100%


Average Kickoff Return:
61.0 YPR-Leader: Cordarrelle Patterson-Min
#20 Fitzgerald Toussaint-18.0 YPR

Longest Kickoff Return:
61 Yds-Leader: Cordarrelle Patterson-Min
#20 Fitzgerald Toussaint-18 Yds

Average Punt Return:
21.0 YPR-Leader: Brandon Tate-Buf
Fitzgerald Toussaint-0.00 YPR

Longest Punt Return:
40 Yds-Leader: Darren Sproles-Phi
Fitzgerald Toussaint-0 Yds

Fair Catches:
7-Leader: Jeremy Kerley-SF
Fitzgerald Toussaint-0 


10-Leader: Johnny Hekker-LA
#28t Jordan Berry-2

Longest Punt:
76 Yds-Leader: Andy Lee-Car
#7 Jordan Berry-61 Yds

Average Yards Per Punt:
63.0 YPP-Leader: Andy Lee-Car
#4 Jordan Berry-53.5 YPP

Net Yards Per Punt:
62.5 YPP-Leader: Brad Nortman-Jax
#4t Jordan Berry-45.0 YPP

Punts Inside-the-20:
4-Leader: Matt Bosher-ATL and Johnny Hekker-LA
#24t Jordan Berry-0

3-Leader: Donnie Jones-Phi and Brad Wing-NYG
#10t Jordan Berry-0

Fair Catches:
7-Leader: Johnny Hekker-LA
#22t Jordan Berry-0

Punts Returned:
4-Leader: 5 Players
#22t Jordan Berry-1



Net Total Yards Allowed:
160-Leader: Baltimore
#21 Pittsburgh-384

Net Passing Yards Allowed:
95-Leader: Baltimore
#25 Pittsburgh-290

Net Rushing Yards Allowed:
48-Leader: Green Bay
#3 Pittsburgh-55

Points Per Game Allowed:
0-Leader: San Francisco

Combined Tackles:
17 Leader: Jerrell Freeman-Chi and Kwon Alexander-TB
#34t Lawrence Timmons-8

2.5 Leader: Leonard Williams-NYJ
No Steelers

1-Leader: 19 Players
#1t James Harrison-1
#1t Ryan Shazier-1

Forced Fumbles:
2-Leader: Brandon Lindyer-Jax
#2t Ryan Shazier-1

Fumbles Recoveries:
1-Leader: 9 Players
No Steelers