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The one thing the Steelers can do to right the ship, according to the fans

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The Pittsburgh Steelers have problems, and the fan base has answers, or they think they do.

Kansas City Chiefs v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

After the Pittsburgh Steelers Week 5 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Steelers fan base was livid. Actually, come to think of it, livid might be too nice of a term. Anyways, with the global Steelers fan base up-in-arms over everything from their franchise quarterback’s horrid play, to the team’s inability to stop the run, I felt the only logical solution would be to ask the fans how the team should fix this mess.

I mean, fans know better than players and coaches, right?

What I did is I asked the below question to both our Twitter followers, and Facebook followers, (if you don’t follow us on Twitter, click HERE. If you don’t follow us on Facebook, click HERE.), and the responses flowed liked none other.

There were so many responses as of 9:30 p.m. ET on both platforms, I decided to put them together for all to see. I have categorized the responses in three categories:

  • The logical
  • The hilarious
  • and WTH?!

Let’s get to it and see what Steelers Nation knows about how to fix this football team!

The Logical

The Hilarious