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Random Thoughts From a Black-and-Gold Mind: “That's All” edition

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BTSC's resident madman opens up his Steeler-centric cranium and passes the ravings on to you as we await 2017's Week 5.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Chicago Bears Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The Steelers broke their drought in the Charm City, silencing the Ravens 26-9. As thrilled as I was, I knew that my black-and-gold mind would be overflowing with outrageous offerings. As always, I like to force these thoughts into the thinking caps of others. That's where you come in. But first, society insists that I beg forgiveness for—and to—all that I offended last week. So a graveyard of grief relief goes out for the following written wrongdoings:

  • James Harrison's emoji choices
  • The producers of the hit 70s sitcom Threes Company
  • Comparing Deebo to Suzanne Somers
  • Misspelling Suzanne Somers (it's not spelled like the warmest season)
  • Referencing MC Scat Cat and Paula Abdul
  • Using the term "yummy" (I'm 45...that's unacceptable)
  • Criticizing Mel Kiper (scratch that, he's a Ravens fan)
  • Mall cops of the nation
  • Not mentioning the Captain of Captain and Tenille as "the incomparable Darryl Dragon"
  • The speculation of what shenanigans Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love engaged in with his Nirvana royalties
  • Using the term "nerd-chick"
  • Referencing Baywatch actresses running on the beach and not including video
  • Kenny Davidson
  • .Fun

And now that we've gotten that out of the way, Welcome to Random Thoughts From a Black and Gold Mind.

  • A lot has been said about Antonio Brown's tantrum over the last couple of days. This is nothing new. In fact, color television and cassette players might be newer concepts than this. We've seen this before and it’ll happen again. Like Ryan Clark said on ESPN Radio, "He’s a "me first" guy and always has been. But unlike the terrible John Ritter movies of the early-90s, AB has never been a "Problem Child" for the Steelers. With as hard as he works on the field and the recent apology he issued, if this is the worst thing that happens, I'll take it. As for a reboot of Problem Child, now that's a different story.
  • I agree with Ben Roethlisberger, calling players out is his job. You don't want your quarterback to pull a Paul Blake (ingeniously portrayed by Scott Bakula in 1991's Necessary Roughness) and let the team run amok.
  • It’s obviously not too much of a distraction to the team if Vince Williams released a video of the linebacker taunting Brown with a Gatorade cooler requesting a rematch. If you follow only one Steeler on social media, @VinnyVidiVici98 is always great entertainment.
  • As much as Williams likes to joke, he was dead serious with his "bandwagon's closed" comments. I agree with him. I don't care if Steeler fans quit the team or burn their jerseys over the anthem issues. It is their freedom to choose to do so. But if the team is making a serious run, stick to the strong beliefs you have and don't return.
NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports
  • I'm starting to believe that JuJu Smith-Schuster could be the X-factor for this Steelers team on offense.
  • Including the playoffs, the Steelers actually have a losing record against Jacksonville at 11-12. That's almost as disconcerting as being made aware of the fact that your wife used to date the town flasher.
  • Cameron Heyward and Stephon Tuitt seem like throwbacks to another time on the defensive line.
  • If you told me at the beginning of the year that the defense would be ranked in the top-2 and the offense would fail to meet its potential after the first quarter of the season, I would also have believed that Fist Fight starring Charlie Day and Ice Cube was a frontrunner for Best a Picture at the Oscars. But I'll take it anyway. I think the offense will soon be consistently scoring on a par with my approval rating at BTSC (i.e. in the 30s).
  • As for the defense, I’m still wary of this team facing the Bradys and the Rodgers of the world.
  • I was glad to see Shamarko Thomas get another chance in the NFL by signing this week with Buffalo. The former No. 29 is a nice kid who never really earned his way onto the field in Pittsburgh. Good luck, Shamarko.

And finally...

  • I wonder what Carlos Emmons is doing these days.

Until next time, think about these lyrics from the Genesis self-titled album of 1983. In an atmosphere of a million opinions, listen to others but trust your own.

Just as I thought it was going alright

I find out I'm wrong, when I thought I was right

It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

I could say day, you'd say night

Tell me it's black when I know that it's white

It's always the same, it's just a shame, that's all

...Take that for what it's worth and Go Steelers!