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Random Thoughts From a Black-and-gold Mind: ‘Bye Week Blues’ edition

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BTSC's resident wacko waxes poetic about all things Steelers and passes the ravings on to you.

Baltimore Ravens v Pitsburgh Steelers Photo by Vincent Pugliese/Getty Images

The Steelers are potentially halfway to a 12-4 season or better. Just because it’s the bye-week, it doesn't mean goodbye week. With my Black-and-gold mind in a frenzy akin to a wet mogwai fed after midnight, I share my thoughts with you.

But first I retract the ramblings that may have ruffled your feathers a week ago. So I request a fast food drive-thru of forgiveness to and for the menu items of malice last time around:

  • My shameless reference to Tom Petty's Last Dance With Mary Jane.
  • Too many George Michael restroom shenanigan mentions.
  • Mixing up my PM Dawn songs.
  • Vegas pit-bosses
  • Guys in trench coats selling hot watches.
  • Insinuating that JuJu dines at Chuck E. Cheese.
  • The term “frogskins”
  • Ripping on zBoy George's acting skills

Now for this week's plague on your Steeler senses, Random Thoughts From a Black-and-gold Mind.

  • I hate bye-week. It kind of feels like your 12-year-old self gets grounded on the night of the middle school dance while your best friend swaps his Hubba Bubba with the harlot of the 1983 seventh grade. That very vixen that you coveted since kindergarten. Yeah, now I really hate bye-week.
  • Despite the emergence of JuJu Smith-Schuster, the Steelers are going to need Martavis Bryant down the stretch much like the kids of Hawkins needed the town jock/bully Steve Harrington to help them fight the demi-gorgon in the first season of Stranger Things.
  • Martavis needs perspective to realize that stepping up helps his cause so much more than his homage to the 1982 Joe Jackson hit, Stepping Out.
  • I knew the Steelers weren't going to unload Bryant at the deadline. But I can't believe Bill Belichick actually inquired about the disgruntled Steeler. I get the "you don't ask, you don't get" philosophy, but that's like selling arms to Iran in the 80s. Nobody would be that....oh never mind.
  • David DeCastro is such an amazing force on the offensive line. He's like the legendary adult film legend Seka. He willingly takes on the double-team frequently and goes the extra mile to finish guys off.
  • The Steelers now can count on not facing three potent quarterbacks in their final eight games. It looks like Indy's Jacoby Brissett over Andrew Luck, Green Bay's Brett Hundley instead of Aaron Rodgers and Tom Savage of the Texans in the place of rookie sensation Deshaun Watson. That's like facing the Sweathogs with Beau Delabarre instead of Vinny Barbarino. God, those 19 episodes in 1979 without Travolta were dreadful.
  • Carnell Lake finally has job security after years of angry fingers pointing his way. Lake may want to send a case of Omaha Steaks Joe Haden's way.

And finally...

  • I wonder what Tim McKyer is doing these days.

Until next time, think of Steven Tyler bellowing out theses poignant words....

Every time when I look in the mirror

All these lines on my face getting clearer

The past is gone

It went by, like dusk to dawn

Isn't that the way

Everybody's got the dues in life to pay

I know nobody knows

Where it comes and where it goes

I know it's everybody sin

You got to lose to know how to win

Half my life

Is books written pages

Live and learn from fools and

From sages

You know it's true, oh

All these things you do come back to you

Take that for what it's worth and Go Steelers!